How YouTube Can Help You Grow Your Avon Business

How YouTube Can Help You Grow Your Avon Business

How YouTube Can Help You Grow Your Avon Business

Most of the time, when we think about social media, Facebook & Twitter come to mind.

YouTube typically isn’t the first thing we think about when thinking about marking on social media.

But now that comments on YouTube are tied to Google+, it’s a more social and influential platform than ever!

Creating and posting video content on YouTube is a great way to boost the visibility and get your Avon business seen by more people.

Here are some reasons why YouTube is such a great platform to add to your Avon business marketing.

  • YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, as well as the second biggest website, with over 1 billion registered subscribers
  • People watch 1 billion hours of video on YouTube every day
  • YouTube reaches more 18-49 year-olds on mobile than any TV channel or cable TV network
  • YouTube reaches more 18-34 year olds in the US than any TV network

And YouTube isn’t showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon, which makes things pretty clear: people of all ages love watching videos online.

YouTube is where your audience is, and a good YouTube strategy can help you reach more people and improve your online marketing results!

So, What types of videos can you create?

Obviously, in order to market on YouTube, creating videos is critical.

And you don’t want to spend too much time or money on creating and promoting videos.

But there are some things you can do to get started.

  • Brand videos showcasing your business and your core values.

Here’s one example of something you can do. I have two team members, Rick & Tina, who do a weekly Facebook Live on their Facebook Page. It’s just 10-20 minutes in length.

They showcase a couple of products, and they ask people to like and share their video to be entered into a drawing for some free products. They do this every week and give away a prize every week. Their reach has been steadily growing as people like and share their video.

What Rick and Tina are doing now, is they download the video from Facebook, and then upload it to their YouTube Channel. So now they’re incorporating both audiences into their marketing strategy. Over time, they will have lots of videos on their YouTube channel showcasing them and some products. Genius idea!

People buy and join people who they know, like and trust. Videos help people feel like they know you even though you’ve never met. And people LOVE videos.

  • Educational and how to videos

You can easily create a how-to video on your mobile phone, or even through a Facebook live.

There are all kinds of things you can show… how to highlight and contour, how to apply mascara, any kind of makeup application. People LOVE videos and most people look for videos when they want to learn something.

  • Slideshow Videos

Every campaign, I go to my online catalog and download every picture of every page to my computer.

If you’re not sure how to do this, you can go to your catalog on  Click on Brochure to pull up the brochure you want to work with.  Click on each page, right click on the image and select “Save Image As” (Note, the wording may be a little different depending on your browser).

Save all the images to a folder on your computer called Campaign XX 2019.

Then I go to Animoto and I create a Slideshow video for that Campaign with all the images. Animoto is very easy to use. You can add music and they have all kinds of templates. It is not free, although it is inexpensive. You can pick the plan that works best for you.

I’m sure there are other programs out there that do the same thing, but I’m not familiar with them. You could do a Google search and see what else is out there.

  • Interviews with influencers and thought leaders in your niche

Get creative. You could do an interview with someone who is a cosmetician, or a hair stylist. Or you could ask one of the top Avon Representatives to do an interview with you.

Those are just a few ideas. I’m sure, as you go along you will think of a lot more.

Including videos and YouTube in your marketing tools will help you reach a much wider audience and generate more engagement, traffic, and leads for your Avon business.

In my next post, I will give you some ideas about how to make the most of your YouTube Channel.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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