I Feel Guilty Working My Business...

I Feel Guilty Working My Business…

I Feel Guilty Working My Business…

Recently I was talking with a Representative on my team, and I think our conversation was so profound that I decided to write a blog post about it.

What she said was, “I feel guilty working my business, when I feel like I should be with my kids.

Is this something you might be feeling?

Are you an Avon Representative with small or grade school-aged children?  It is quite possible that you feel guilty for not spending more time with them.

So, let’s spend a little time today about mindset!

Working your business and being with your kids are not mutually exclusive things.

It’s not like, “If I do one, I can’t do the other.”

It doesn’t matter whether you work outside the home or stay home full time.

The reason you probably started your Avon business was so that you could make money in a business that allows you the flexibility to spend more time with your family.

So, now it’s important to figure how where your family and your Avon business can be successfully balanced.

4 ways to balance family and your Avon business:

  • Define goals that are reasonable for the amount of time you have committed to invest in your business. 5 hour per week goals are very different than 50 hour per week goals.
  • Involve your kids into your Avon business activities. Give them small tasks to help you (and to keep them busy) while you are working.
  • Batch your work as often as possible. Implement our team systems into your business to help you save time.  Use Avon Social to pre-schedule your social media content.
  • Use your calendar to create scheduled work time. Block out when you will be working on your calendar and allocate the hours you will work, and then stick to it.

It can be difficult to find that balance between your family and your Avon business, but it is totally possible.

Your Avon business gives you way more flexibility than any job would.

You just need to get good at scheduling, batching tasks, and multi-tasking.  Yes, it may take a little extra organization, but it’s totally possible to work your business and still be with your kids.

So, let’s look at some ideas to fit your business into your daily life:

There are many things you can do in little pockets of time.  It’s not always necessary to schedule an hour at a time to work.

Many things can be done in just a few minutes, such as making a phone call, or texting your customers/team members.  And listening to trainings can be done as you’re doing other things.

So, let’s look at some of those pockets when you can fit in a couple of texts, listen to trainings, or even make phone calls.

  • While the kids are at school or preschool.
  • While you’re waiting for your child’s little league game or recital to start.
  • While you’re making dinner
  • While you’re folding laundry
  • Putting on your makeup or doing your hair.
  • While the kids are playing.
  • While you’re working out.
  • Instead of brainlessly playing games on your phone.
  • While your children are napping.
  • While breastfeeding your baby.
  • On your daily treadmill walk.
  • Wake up 15 minutes earlier in the morning.

Does this sound like an area where you’re struggling?

Stop and think about, “Am I making this too black and white?  Am I making excuses instead of setting better work life balance goals?

For most moms with young children, your goals center around creating freedom and flexibility in your life.  For many moms, family and children are their driving “why.”

Is it always going to be perfect?  No… but you have the ability to determine what’s important and build your business around it.

Maybe your children go to school during the day.  So maybe you maximize those 6.5 hours in the middle of the day as effectively as you can.  But you’re there when they leave for school, and you’re there when they get home.

Or you fit your business into their nap time.  And you let them help you with tasks such as labeling brochures during the day when they are awake.

Not just for moms!

This post was primarily written for moms with children at home.

But maybe you don’t fall into that category.

You still might be thinking, “Well, I don’t have kids – but yea… I can still be more efficient with how I work my business into my life.

Our lives are all so full and time moves so fast.

It’s tough balancing all the things, doing all the things, being a good mom, a good partner, a good businessperson…

Thankfully, there is a whole community behind you, cheering for you.

And me – the biggest cheerleader of them all, who wants nothing more than for you to be proud of all aspects of your life – look at the success on all fronts!

You’ve got this.  Let’s keep pushing forward!

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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