How To Increase Sales And Sell More Avon

How To Increase Sales And Sell More Avon

How To Increase Sales And Sell More Avon

Have you been trying to find ways to increase your Avon sales?

Selling products to customers is at the heart of your business.

Happy, satisfied customers who use our products are the foundation of a successful business.

No matter how high up the success ladder you climb and no matter how large your organization becomes, everyone leads by example in the area of personal sales.

When products are sold, you make money, team members make money, and everyone is inspired to continue growing their business.

Your Avon Sales Commission

When you first get started selling Avon, you are considered a Contender.

As a Contender, you earn 25% on beauty/jewelry and 20% on fashion/home.

Once you’ve sold over $5,000 within the year, you promote to the Premier Sales Level.

At this level, your commissions go up to 30% on beauty/jewelry and 20% on fashion/home.

The President’s Recognition Program helps you make more money as you promote through the ranks.

The chart below shows the requirements and the commission you will earn at each level for 2022.

Avon PC Commission Levels

Avon also offers incentives every year such as fabulous all-expense-paid trips to beautiful and exotic locations.

Let’s Look at Some Ways to Increase Sales

As you increase your sales and move up the President’s Club ranks, you will make more money.

This alone is worth the effort.

But you might also earn the upcoming fabulous trip – this year it is to Cancun!

Here Are a Few Tips To Help You Increase Your Sales And Sell More Avon

1.  Build Your Contact List –

Think about everyone you know who might love Avon products or enjoy the opportunity of selling Avon – after all, who wouldn’t?

Make a contact list of people to share your excitement for Avon with. Think about your friends, your family, neighbors, co-workers, teachers, people you run into, cell phone contacts…

Use the Memory Jogger to really expand your list.

Keep your contact list with you all the time and keep adding people to it. People are the heart of your business – you will meet new ones every day.

Make a goal to talk to at least three people a day about Avon and see your business grow.

Be sure to get their contact information so you can follow up and stay in touch.

I know… you may be shy and nervous to talk to people.

The more you put yourself out there, the more confident you’ll become.

So be brave – be bold – you never know whose life you could change by showing them Avon Products and the Avon Opportunity.

2.  Avon Customer Follow Up List –

Top sellers with Avon all have this in common.

They know the fortune is in the follow-up! Follow-up is crucial to success.  In fact, follow-up is the MOST important function in your business.

Are you following up with every single person you gave a brochure or a business card to each campaign? If not, now is the time to start.

Use the Customer Follow-Up List to keep track of the brochures you gave out and who you need to follow up with.

3.  Schedule The Time You will Work Your Business –

Don’t leave your Avon Business work time to chance.

If you don’t schedule the times you will work – in your calendar – it will get lost in the daily activities and other things that are happening in your life.

Find blocks of time you can use to build your business. Mark off those blocks of time in your calendar and commit to it.

For example, you could work an hour in the morning, an hour at lunch, and two hours after everyone else goes to bed.

On your calendar, mark off those blocks of time for your Avon business and hold yourself accountable for it.

Here are some more tips on how to manage your time to build your Avon Business.

4.  Wow Your Customers With Amazing Customer Service –

There are lots of Avon Representatives out there. Be sure you stand out above all the rest.

Provide them with great one-on-one service they won’t find anywhere else.

Get to know every customer’s particular needs and preferences and make product suggestions.

Check-in when it’s time to replenish her makeup or skin care favorites.

Make the extra effort to deliver her order in time for a special occasion.

The unique customer service you give helps you stand out, develop a relationship and lead your customers to rely on you and your products.

5.  Avon Customer Loyalty Cards –

Create your own Loyalty Program using the loyalty cards below.

Reward them for buying from you and they will stick around and buy more.

Avon Customer Loyalty Cards.

6.  Post on Social Media Regularly –

It’s a fast, super-effective way to build sales and build your team as you share who you are, what you love about Avon, and our latest amazing products.

But don’t depend entirely on Social Media.

It’s important to continue to meet people face-to-face, especially in the beginning while you’re working to grow your business.

7.  Have Frequent Get-togethers with friends –

Ask them to bring new friends you haven’t met yet.

Share your favorite products and enjoy building new relationships that could lead to new customers and new Representatives on your team.

8.  Get Involved –

Volunteer with your local Chamber of Commerce, your children’s sports teams, a local cause – anything that will get you in front of people.

It’s an easy way to meet people without an agenda. You’re working with them to make something better.

You’ll build relationships, and then you can give them a brochure.

9.  Carry and share brochures and samples everywhere you go –

Be available to take their orders, or direct people to your Avon online store to shop.

Set a goal to connect with 3 people or more every day.

Connections lead to relationships that lead to success.

10.  10 Ideas on How to Sell Avon & Earn More Money –

By using these 10 Avon best practices in your business, you’re sure to be a successful Avon Representative.

Take advantage of all of Avon’s earnings opportunities to make the most money as an Avon Rep!

10 Ideas on How to Sell Avon and Earn More Money.

These tips should help you get started on your way to President’s Club and beyond.

I look forward to seeing your name on the Recognition and Incentive Trips!

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How To Increase Sales And Sell More Avon

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber