Instagram Updates In 2022 That Can Affect Your Avon Business

Instagram Updates In 2022 That Can Affect Your Avon Business

Instagram Updates In 2022 That Can Affect Your Avon Business

Do you use Instagram for your Avon business?

If so, then you’ll want to know about the Instagram changes rolling out.

Things like:

Reels – short-form video content being highly prioritized over static posts.

“Topic” tags are being added to Reels – helping make content more searchable.

Candid Challenges – real-time, non-filtered photo uploads.

More AI-recommended content – meaning you won’t have to be following people to see some of their content.

Some of these changes are currently being tested… but I fully expect them to roll out wide sooner rather than later.

Growing your Avon business is pretty simple.

There are only 4 main steps:

  1. Prospecting for new customers & recruits.
  2. Getting a brochure (either paper or digital) to every customer every campaign.
  3. Following up with every customer you gave a brochure to every campaign before you place your order.
  4. Take the order, submit it to Avon and deliver to your customer, or send them to your Avon Online Store to place their order

And then Rinse and Repeat.

It’s really that simple. You just do these 4 steps over and over again, and you will have a strong Avon business.

We have our Daily 8 System to help you work on the activities that will help you grow your business.

The Daily 8 system is a proven formula

When followed consistently, the Daily 8 Plan will help you maintain the consistency required to build a thriving team and an exponentially expanding residual income.

Instead of working 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, your goal is to capture 8 POINTS a day, 5 days a week for a total of 40 POINTS per week.

Print this sheet and use it to track your weekly points.

Follow this plan consistently for 90-days and teach your team to do the same. At the end of 90 days, REPEAT and then REPEAT again. This is your Daily Method of operation.

The real secret to your Avon Business success is that there is NO SECRET!

It simply takes a simple plan and the dedication and commitment to WORK THE PLAN consistently! That’s it!

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Today We’ll Talk About Some Of The Changes Coming To Instagram

Let’s take a look at each of these updates… what they mean for your Avon business… and how you can lean into the changes coming your way (whether you like them or not).

1 – Reels Are Being Prioritized Over Static Posts In Your Feed

If you’ve been spending almost ANY time on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that REELS are what you still see the most.

Seriously, it’s like every third or fourth post in your feed.

If you’re using Instagram as a business-building tool – or plan to – leaning into video content is a must-do!

Since I’ve implemented video into my social media strategy, it’s made a huge difference to my Avon business and my online sales!

Instagram is now prioritizing Reels to compete with TikTok and YouTube Shorts – which are getting billions of views every day.

Please, Take Short Videos Seriously

If you tell yourself that you are going to sit this trend out… and just stick with what you know, it’s actually a bad move for your business growth.

But here’s a simple mindset hack that will change everything for you!

Give less EFFs!

You do NOT have to be super polished and have perfect videos in order to have an impact.

In fact, those things actually hurt your exposure.  Nobody wants to look at some perfectly polished person.

They Want To See The Authentic You!

Are you authentically perfect?

Nope! No one is.

So, since Instagram is prioritizing Reels now… if you want to show up in other people’s feeds…

You need to look at creating Reels!

Would you rather have imperfect Reels be seen more regularly by your community…

Or have perfect static content that no one sees? (Because Instagram literally won’t deliver it anymore).

I know which one I would pick.

Look At My Reels! 

Trust me.  They are far from perfect.

I look like a goon.

In fact, many people refer to me as the lady with the crazy hair!

But you know what… I’m getting sales and recruits from my videos.

2 – Categorizing Reels (In Testing Right Now)

Categorization would essentially let us add “topic” tags to our video uploads.

This not only helps people who have common interests find us… but it will improve recommended content and creators to other users.

That sounds like a good idea to me!

3 – Candid Challenges (In Testing Right Now)

This is a feature they’re totally snagging from the BeReal App – a photo-sharing app that’s super popular right now with Gen Zers.

Here’s how this works…

Every day at a different time, you’re prompted – along with your friends – to capture ONE photo of what’s happening – right then and there.

Young people like it because you get to discover what your friends are up to – in real-time (versus carefully-crafted content).

BeReal is the most downloaded social media app right now.

I know, crazy, right?

So obviously, Instagram is leaning into this exact same concept with their Candid Challenges… to stay relevant and compete.

I’m actually pretty psyched about this one – cuz it’s gonna make content creation way faster for me…

And I’ll get to connect even more authentically with you guys every day.

4 – More AI-Recommended Content

If you use TikTok, then you’re probably familiar with the For You page.

Well, Facebook and Instagram are testing the same thing – featuring content created by users you don’t yet follow… but the algorithm thinks you’ll like.

According to Mark Zuckerberg: right now, about 15% of the content in a person’s Facebook and IG feed is recommended by AI – and he expects these numbers to more than double by the end of 2023.

What These Changes Mean For Your Avon Business

Facebook and Instagram are prioritizing video.

They’re going to be prioritizing sharing your content with people who don’t yet follow you.

That means even people who are not following you may see your videos.

More eyes on your videos mean more recruits and customers.

It seems like NOW might just be the perfect time to start using Reels, right?

Yes, it’s a little bit of a learning curve.

But I believe it’s worth it.  And you got this!

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Instagram Updates In 2022 That Can Affect Your Avon Business

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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