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Is it Possible to Sell Avon Online Only?

Is it Possible to Sell Avon Online Only?Absolutely! If you are an eRepresentative, you can run your entire business online.

I know that's a little different than what we're used to with selling Avon, but there's no reason you can't be high-tech/high-touch in your business.

Did you know that all Direct Delivery online orders are now accumulated within the campaign time-frame and will count towards your campaign totals for that campaign.

That means this will also affect your earnings on all orders that campaign if the total moves you to the next earning bracket – even for your personal orders! At the end of the campaign, Avon will issue a credit to you if your Direct Delivery orders moved you to the next earnings bracket.

And if your online Direct Delivery earnings exceed your personal sales, your commission can be direct deposited into your bank account!


Here's an idea. When a customer calls you to place an order, what if you said, “I'll tell you what… I'll arrange for Avon to deliver that directly to you so you can get it right away!”. Then you get their credit card and you submit the order on your eRepresentative website for them and choose Direct Delivery.

Develop a system of user names and passwords to make it easy for you to keep track of them, or keep them in a spreadsheet. It would be just like you were a Customer Service Representative at Avon taking their order. Before you know it, all the time you spend on delivering products to your customers can be a thing of the past. Look at all the time that will leave you to build relationships with your customers and spend more time with your family.

And once you have your customer's information in your web office, Avon will send them professionally written e-mails to promote your site and your business; eliminating the need for you to spend your money on brochures.

But keep in mind that it is still very important to be high-touch with your customers. You've got to build that relationship to keep them coming back.

So how do you do that? Call them every once in a while. Ask them how they liked that last product they purchased. Send them an e-mail to check in every now and then. Or… send them a postcard. People love to receive a nice postcard in the mail. It's a personal touch that they'll remember.


You can keep a stack of postcards handy so you can fill them out as needed. I use a wonderful service that makes it really easy – as easy as sending an e-card, but the card is actually printed (in your handwriting) and mailed for you to arrive in their mailbox. The service I use is called SendOutCards.

It doesn't really matter what methods you use; just develop a system that allows you to be high-touch with your customers without taking a lot of your time.

So what are you waiting for! Now is the time to sell online!

Please share your experiences below.


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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber


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