Keep Building Your Avon Business All Through The Summer

Keep Building Your Avon Business All Through The Summer

Keep Building Your Avon Business All Through The Summer

Summer is here. Kids are out of school. For many it’s a busy time filled with vacations, picnics, and summer activities.

Many Avon Representatives believe that summer is usually the hardest time to grow their business. But that’s not true!

Summer can be a time of making great connections, and anything you do now to get the word out about your business will set you up to have a great fall and into the holidays.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the summertime for your business:

Connect at Outings –

During the summer is when we see more people in person – at picnics, parties, reunions and social events. It’s a great time to hand out samples and Avon brochures and to introduce people to your Avon business and products.

Summer Booths –

There are all kinds of summer festivals where you can get an inexpensive booth for the weekend to meet new people, pass out brochures and samples, and get contact information so you can follow up.

Have a drawing for an Avon bundle or some prize and have them fill out the drawing slips. This will give you their contact information and let you know who is interested in Avon.

Many summer booths are much less expensive than the higher end bridal shows and such. Farmer’s Markets are another place to setup a booth, and are relatively inexpensive. Booths are a great way to gain some exposure.

Bingo Night –

Invite guests to your Avon Bingo night. This is even more fun if you partner up with two or three other Representatives, or even Representatives from different, non-competing, companies for higher attendance.

Each Representative contributes product prizes for the evening. You can do it for free if you have a location. Or you can charge something like $5.00 and hold it at a Pizza place. The $5.00 would cover pizza and soda.

As guest arrive, give them a nametag and a bingo card. Start with a bingo game and then to a short product demo.

Then give them an opportunity to order. You could do something like a $25 order gives them a second bingo card, or $50 order earns them two extra cards.

Then play another Bingo game. Do short presentations between games. The key is to keep it light and fun, keep it moving, energetic and lively; only give extra cards to those who order product, book parties, or sign up to be an Avon Representative. Close with “black-out bingo.” It can be a great evening for everyone!

Have a Sale –

Everyone loves a sale. You can use any product you have on hand to close it out, new current product, take orders, etc. You can do like a yard sale or garage sale or whatever theme you choose. Put out flyers and spread the word as far as you can to get as many people as you can to come to your sale.

Or, you can do a brochure sale. Have customers call or email their orders to you on a specific day. All orders between 8-10am get 40% off, orders between 10am-Noon get 30% off, orders between Noon-2pm get 20% off, etc. Choose your own discounts and set your own hours. It’s a great way to really increase your sales. This is especially beneficial to you when Avon does Double Award Sales incentives.

Take your Business with You on Vacation –

Are you going on vacation? Don’t leave your business behind! Be sure to take brochures with you. Put a label on them saying – Shop my online store – 10% off all first-time orders with code WELCOME10.

Give out samples as you go. Network with the people you meet along the way. When someone shares a need they have that your Avon business can meet, be sure to share information about your business and how they too can be an Avon Representative. Get them signed up and started while you’re there.

Give Avon as Gifts –

Never go to a party or picnic empty-handed. This is the perfect opportunity to share your Avon products by bringing a hostess gift, graduation gift, or birthday gift from Avon. Be sure to have a label on it so the recipient knows how to order again when they need it.

Plant Your Seeds for Fall –

We all know that a harvest only grows after many seeds are planted and tended. Make this summertime your prep time for the busiest Fall ever and the most bountiful harvest by taking steps to get the words out about your Avon business.

Pass out Avon brochures, samples, and business cards as you go about your day. Hang a flyer at your local coffee shop, or leave a business card and sample with your tip for your waitress. Keep your mind open for all kinds of possibilities.

While taking time off to enjoy some summer fun is great for everyone, keep up the momentum and drive during the summer and watch your business grow even more!

Summer doesn’t have to mean a drop in business. You simply need to look at your business differently, and create opportunities that work with what people want to do.

How do you keep your business thriving in summer? Would love to read your thoughts in the comments below!

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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