Let Go Of Your Excuses And Be Successful In Your Avon Business!

Let Go Of Your Excuses And Be Successful In Your Avon Business!

Let Go Of Your Excuses And Be Successful In Your Avon Business!

Life can be so hard at times! Do you ever want to make excuses so you can hide under the sheets and not get out of bed? I totally get you.

Maybe you’re struggling with just trying to put food on the table right now – there’s no time a build your Avon business.

It could be that you don’t have a car and it sucks to have to walk to take the bus everywhere, especially dragging your four kids along with you.

Maybe it’s just that we are too hard on ourselves. We don’t give ourselves permission to “not be perfect.”

Do you feel like… you always have to be superwoman?

Are you struggling with feeling like a failure? Do you feel like, “No matter how hard you try, things never work out?”


We’ve All Been There At One Time Or Another

I Can Totally Relate.

Every one of us – ALL of us – every Woman, Mom, or Dad who has ever had a bad day… Screaming kids, lost homework, cranky husband/wife, digging through the couch cushions trying to find a little change so you can send your child to school with milk money…

I get it. Really I do. I was a single mom for years and years. Every day was a struggle to just make ends meet. I only had one child. I can’t even imagine what it’s like for those of you who have more.

Many times my electricity was turned off and I was trying to take care of my young daughter in the dark.

There were many evenings that I went to the basketball & hockey games every night hoping to pick up a little extra money so we could have food the next day.

The way that worked… was, you went to the back of the Salt Palace where the basketball & hockey games were played.

It was usually me (in my 30s) and quite a few kids standing by the back door, hoping to be chosen so we could make some money.

If they picked me, I could spend my evening walking through the stands yelling popcorn and making a little money!

Some nights I made $10 for the whole 3 hours – some nights it was only $2. But I counted every penny back then.

Avon Can Make Such A Difference In Your Life If You Let It

But you have to let go of your excuses and make it happen.

We have the ability to make a lot of money with Avon if we can just get past ourselves and choose success. I know this to be true, without a doubt… I’ve done it!

There are lots of Avon Representatives who had all kinds of obstacles, but yet they made it happen. They found ways around their obstacles and became successful in their Avon business.

You can let your children be your reason for success or your excuse why you didn’t find success. It’s your choice!

ALL of your excuses can turn out to be blessings in disguise if you let them.

There’s ALWAYS a gap between “what I have now” and “what I want.”

That gap is all of your excuses. All it takes to close that gap is to make the decision that, “I WILL make this happen,” and to be creative and work your way through the excuses.

Seriously, this is ALL IT TAKES!

This is not to say that we don’t have real problems in our lives. We all do, and sometimes they can be truly devastating. But the good thing is we can overcome them.

So first, what are excuses, really?

Excuses are rationalizations that we make to ourselves. They are invented reasons we create to defend our behavior, to postpone taking action, or to justify why we don’t have what we want in our life.

Excuses are really just a way to place the blame on something other than ourselves. I know… it does sound harsh, but that is really what excuses are.

If we can overcome our excuses, we can all have the life we dream of. But first we have to admit that we’re making them in the first place.

Let’s Look At Just A Few Excuses And How We Can Overcome Them:

I Don’t Have the Money –

That’s right. You probably don’t. But if things don’t change, you will always be struggling for money.

Find ways to work your business that don’t take money.

The good thing is there are two things that will help you grow your business – money and time. If you’re lacking in money, you can make up for it in time.

In my opinion, your Avon Brochures are probably the most important part of your business. They are your store. And if your store isn’t open, you have no business, and no income. I suggest purchasing as many brochures as you can afford, and work them like crazy.

Don’t have money for brochures?  Still not a valid excuse.

I’ve also seen Representatives build a HUGE business with only one brochure! What they do is they give the brochure to someone to look at, and then they go back and pick it up and take their order later that day or the next day. Then they give the brochure to someone else, let them look at it and take their order, and then the next person and the next.

I’ve seen Representatives who have that one brochure, with items that are circled and names written next to them on every page. They have passed that single brochure out to maybe 25-50+ people and end up with a $1500 order. When you have a $1500 order, you have some real earnings!

And of course, we have the Digital Brochure.

Make use of the Digital Brochure and work it just as hard!

I Don’t Have the Time –

To be blunt, that’s a load of excuses! Everybody is busy today. When I started my business, I literally had no time to build it. But I found the time.

If you really want something, you absolutely will make time for it no matter what.

I know it sounds harsh. But again, if things don’t change, your situation won’t change. Maybe you need to cut back on your TV time, or skip a meal – or find a way to work your business while having your meal.

I used to work my business on my lunch hour, or on the phone during my commute. Sundays were my only day off at that time, but every Sunday afternoon after church, you’d find me out there working my business. And that made all the difference.

Here’s a post that will give you tips to find the time.

I’m Too Tired –

Like being too busy, everyone is tired today.

If you feel like you are not getting enough sleep, search online for ways to sleep better and consider what’s the best amount of sleep for you.

Or maybe for a while, while you’re building your business, you might need to get by with a little less sleep.

But most important… burst through the lethargy and get to work. Getting into action can help you reenergize. And, unless you’re sick, it’s really not likely that action is going to hurt you.

I’m Not Good Enough –

This one is absolute garbage. Everybody is constantly learning. Nobody has it all figured out.

You never know how good you really are unless you test yourself. This is where you will surprise yourself.

You never know how inadequate you really are unless you try and fail. This is where you will truly find out how strong you are. And this is where you find your greatest lessons.

Both of these are required to truly test greatness. So just dive in already. There is never a better time!

I Don’t Know How –

This one goes along with the, “I’m not good enough” excuse. When you make this excuse, it means you lack self-belief and confidence in your ability to achieve your goal.

It also means that you simply haven’t taken the time to practice, to learn, or to gain the experience or education necessary to understand what’s required to get the job done.

Luckily, this excuse is easy to overcome. All you have to do is LEARN how to do what you want by reading books, studying this blog, just getting out there and learning from experience, asking for help, joining Facebook Groups and learning from others, etc. There are all kinds of ways. You just have to make the effort to find them.

Only through making mistakes over and over again will you eventually discover what works and what doesn’t work. From there, just adjust your approach, and you will very quickly figure out how to get to your goal.

I’m Not A Lucky Person –

Luck, like thinking you’re not worthy, is all in your head.

Bottom line, you have to choose to stop playing the victim and see the lessons, and the positive side of whatever “bad luck” you’ve been having.

Life and its uncertainties should never hold you back.

You can choose to be a victim or a victor – it is a choice. Choose victor and take charge of your life. Create a life where luck will bow down to you instead.

These are just a few of the excuses I’ve seen Avon Representatives make as to why they can’t be successful in their Avon business. I’m sure there are many more.

Don’t Let Your Excuses Lead You To A Life Of Regrets

Let them go and live the life of your dreams.

The moment you catch yourself making excuses, immediately ask yourself the following questions:

  • How badly do I really want this?
  • Why don’t I have what I want?
  • What excuses are getting in my way?

These questions will help you identify the gap between your current and desired reality.

Once you’ve identified your excuses, examine what’s lacking, question the validity of your excuses, and take immediate action to fill these areas with everything you need to achieve your goals and your objectives.

Ask yourself:

  • Is this a genuine REASON or is it simply an excuse?
  • If this is an excuse, then what is it that I’m currently lacking?
  • What do I need specifically that will help me move beyond this excuse?
  • What’s the next step I need to take right now that will move me closer to my goals?

Many Times We Make Excuses Because We Don’t Want To Take Responsibility For Our Shortcomings

But when we take full responsibility for all our failures and mistakes (and we all have them), we grow in confidence.

We feel empowered because life is no longer built upon luck or good fortune, but rather on our own ability to successfully adapt to the changing conditions that life throws our way.

Benjamin Franklin once said:

He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.

As harsh as that sounds, it’s probably not too far away from the truth. Sometimes we get so absorbed in making excuses about how things didn’t turn out the way we had expected, that we forget to focus on making the best of every situation — no matter what the outcome.

Just maybe, from today onward, we will remember Benjamin’s words and take them to heart.

We will get busy and just make it happen.  We won’t let anything get in our way!

Remember, The Only Person Standing Between You And Your Avon Business Success Is Yourself

So, let go of those excuses and step into a world of unlimited potential.

Embrace the excitement, the challenges, and the journey of growth.

Your Avon business is waiting to soar, and with your dedication, positivity, and passion, there’s nothing stopping you from achieving greatness!

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Let Go Of Your Excuses And Be Successful In Your Avon Business!

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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