How To Make The Most Of Having A Booth Or Table At A Vendor Even

How To Make The Most Of Having An Avon Booth Or Table At A Vendor Event

How To Make The Most Of Having An Avon Booth Or Table At A Vendor Event

A Vendor event, craft show, state/county fair, expo, or shopping days – doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s an event where you get the chance to represent your Avon business.

These types of shows are one of the best ways to be seen and expand your influence.

In my opinion, the way to make the best use of a show like this is to NOT sell product.

I know… You’re thinking, “What???

But seriously, is it better to make a little money or a whole lot of money?

Of course, I know your answer is to make a lot of money. 🙂

Now, there are times when you want to have inventory…

A holiday boutique is one of those.

When Avon launched the new Health & Wellness line, Espira. I gave taste tests at these shows, and I had 30-day systems for sale to get them started right away.

Or, you could be doing a summer event where you focus on Bug Guard, Sunscreen, Hand & Body Lotions, etc.

Look for Leads At Your Avon Vendor Event

Generally, when doing a vendor booth, I suggest you focus on finding leads rather than selling products.

See, here’s the thing… We make the most money with Avon by building and supporting a team.

If we are spending our time in our booth selling products, taking money, etc., the best leads may be walking right by.

You don’t want to miss that perfect new possible team member, or even that great potential customer!

A new team member could bring thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars into your future business. Selling products only helps you today.

Your Avon Vendor Event Is A Tool To Help You Find Leads

Leads are what we are looking for and that is our entire focus.

So let’s talk about exactly what a lead is…

A lead is only the beginning of a relationship. When you’re working a booth at an expo or vendor event, it gives you the opportunity to be in front of more people than you are usually able to.

It gives you the opportunity to find people who are actually open to the opportunity of becoming an Avon Representative at this time.

It also gives you the opportunity to meet someone who can refer you to someone else who would be interested in becoming an Avon Representative.

And it gives you the opportunity to meet someone who is looking for an Avon Representative and may become a solid customer.

When you focus on obtaining leads at your vendor booth, that’s where the magic happens.

How To Work Your Avon Vendor Event

Set up your booth to look nice. Have samples or products to show. Have professional signs offering the Avon Opportunity, and have lots of brochures out.

When I’m working a booth or table at a show, and someone comes by, the first thing I ask is, “Would you like an Avon Catalog?” As I’m asking that, I’m holding the catalog out to them expecting them to take it.

Once they take the catalog, I’ll tell them, “I mail my catalogs. Would you like to receive them regularly in the mail? No charge.

If they say yes, I will hand them a drawing slip to fill out.

Avon Drawing Forms with Digital Option

The drawing slip asks them for all their contact information, and then asks them how they would like to receive their brochure:

  • Physical – In the Mail
  • Digital – Email
  • Digital – Text

And it asks if they like to learn more about selling Avon

As they are filling out the form, now is the time you can say, “Have you ever thought about being an Avon Representative or making some extra money?”

After they leave your booth, be sure to make notes on the back of the form that will help you when you are following up. And mark them H for Hot, W for Warm, C for Cold, so that you know which ones you should call first. 🙂

The truth is… and we all know this…

We are all looking for new team members and new customers, and we just know that eventually, we will find the one person who will work their business with the same energy we give to our business, right? The one that will really make a difference…

You don’t want that one person to pass by your booth because you’re too busy making a sale.

Now, When Avon Launched Espira, I Did it a Little Differently

Note:  Avon no longer carries Espira, but the concept can be the same for any new product launch.

When I had a booth promoting the launch of Espira, I had a table with a display of the Espira products, as well as some current Avon products.

I had 30-Day systems already bagged and ready to go if someone wants to purchase one.

But my focus as still on getting leads and potential recruits.

We used the Espira Plant Protein Powder, water, and shaker bottles. We gave 1 oz. samples.

As we were talking to people, we offered the opportunity to get their Espira Products at 40% off by becoming a Representative.

If they were ready, we got them signed up with the $25 Kit, and then helped them place an order for the 30-Day system (Rep 1st order cost $75.60) and a box of Complete Nutrition Daily Essentials (Rep 1st order cost $18.00). That gives them award sales of $156.00 and a net cost of $118.60 + tax/shipping.

That’s a savings for them of $37.40 on their first order (and they get all the additional products from the kit), and then they can continue to save going forward as a Representative.

Of course, we were still offering to mail them a brochure and working to get the form filled out if they were not ready to join.

One key point here though is in order for this to work; you will need at least 3-4 people in your booth.

Be sure to rotate team members through the sampling, sales, and lead positions so that everyone can benefit.

After the initial launch of Espira, we went back to not giving away Espira Samples. We just had displays of the Espira products and assorted Avon products, and focused on getting leads.

And One Last Very Important Thing…

Don’t forget to follow-up!  That makes ALL the difference!

This article talks about ALMA Leads, but the process is the same, and this will work perfectly for your Vendor Show leads.

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How To Make The Most Of Having An Avon Booth Or Table At A Vendor Event

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Lynn Huber

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