Massive Action for Massive Results In Your Avon Business

Massive Action for Massive Results In Your Avon Business

Massive Action for Massive Results In Your Avon Business

Many Avon Representatives struggle to grasp the importance of taking massive action in their Avon business, and what that even means.

It’s easy to get stuck in planning to build your Avon business, or thinking about building your Avon business, but that doesn’t get you anywhere.

Then there are those of us who get started in our Avon business but we get caught up in the A.D.D. syndrome – where it seems to be too much to do and not enough time. So several things get started, but not enough gets completed, or we don’t stick with it long enough for success.

So today, let’s talk about Massive Action and what exactly that means.

First, let’s talk about what Massive Action is NOT:

  • It’s not getting excited and starting lots of projects and diluting your efforts. It’s important to limit your focus on a couple of projects at a time so that you can have a positive outcome.
  • And it’s not continuously stopping and starting, and thinking it’s not working… when in actuality it wasn’t given enough consistent energy or effort to make it work.
  • It’s not trying the same thing over and over even when it’s not working.
  • For sure, it’s not avoiding consistency and effort.
  • It’s not avoiding sales and the sales conversations need to happen to grow your business.
  • And it’s not avoiding lead generation.
  • It’s not avoiding discipline and switching up the numbers and goals to feel better about the fact that your business isn’t growing.

Whenever something isn’t working in your business, the answer is ALWAYS more action. Whether you are afraid to get out of your comfort zone, or your business just isn’t growing quickly enough, Action will make the difference.

And the more action, the better, meaning it’s time to take Massive Action.

So, then… How do we take Massive Action?

Work like your hair is on fire.

Yep, work as if your life depends on it. This might sound exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be.

It’s important that you apply urgency in your business – especially in your first year.

Many businesses fail in the first 5 years, and I believe it’s because the first year wasn’t given enough “fire” to get a strong start.

Set high goals and aim to hit them. Do whatever it takes. Just get busy.

When you are comfortable, you tend to stay there. Without massive action, you won’t get off the ground.

Stop thinking in terms of how many hours you work,

Start talking in numbers of how many quality conversations you had with prospects, and how many Avon catalogs you gave out, and how many people did you get contact information from so you can follow up.

These things work, and that action needs to be massive in the beginning.

Do away with the mentality that allows you to consider shrinking the goal.

Unless that goal is going up, you’re not advancing or growing.

f you’re not making sales or progress, you’re not taking enough massive action.

This is a sure way to stay mediocre in your business, and then it won’t be long before you slow down taking the actions you need to, and eventually quitting altogether.

Learn to work faster.

Once you’ve learned a new skill like sales conversations, or blogging, or promoting your business on Facebook, stay consistent and learn to work faster.

Set up systems to help you get your tasks done more efficiently.

Set up a calendar for your marketing activities; Create and set up a series of texts and emails for follow-up; develop routines that help ensure everything is getting done quickly.

Having these things done ahead of time and systemized helps you get right to work and get the tasks done.

And when you’ve grown your business and are making more sales, you can hire some of this stuff out to free up your time.

Get a little obsessed.

What other Avon Representatives will consider obsessive is only because they’re comparing it to their actions of “average” or even well below it.

Look at their results.

Are they achieving what you want, or even where you are at in terms of progress or income?

If not, don’t let their talk bother you. They’re jealous that you’re achieving the success that they aren’t.

If people are calling you obsessed, that generally means you’re taking massive action.

Go for it! They are not going to have the success you will. And later, when you’ve grown, you can hire some help to free up your time.

To Take Massive Action Means Doing Far More Than the Average Person Would Do Under the Same or Similar Conditions.

In fact, it means to go further than anyone would typically expect of you or anyone else.

When you take Massive Action, it means you are taking full ownership of your business and doing whatever it takes to be successful.

Taking Massive Action is something you do consistently and persistently. This gives you the momentum you need to really shine and come out ahead in your business.

It means expecting more from yourself in every situation, which effectively means raising your personal standards and expectations by setting challenging, and sometimes even unrealistic, goals that are aligned with your vision.

It can take time to change your habits and get used to taking Massive Action, but I promise, it will make ALL the difference in your business.

Start now, so when the New Year starts, you’ll already be moving forward and ready to make it the best year ever!

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Massive Action for Massive Results In Your Avon Business

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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