Think Your Neighborhood Is Over-Saturated With Avon?

Think Your Neighborhood Is Over-Saturated With Avon?

Think Your Neighborhood Is Over-Saturated With Avon?

Do you think it’s possible to have too many Avon Representatives working the same area, or in the same town?

Actually, you might be surprised.

I’ve heard over and over again, how this area or that area is over-saturated or has too many Avon Representatives. But in my 22 years of selling Avon, I have never seen anything remotely showing this to be true.

In fact, 12 years ago, when I was an Avon Leadership Representative in Ventura, CA, I had over 600 Representatives on my team. Out of my top 10, like 6 of them lived in a nearby little town called Fillmore.

Fillmore is a little agricultural city in Ventura County, just east of Ventura where I lived. The population in 2021 was 16,496, so 12 years ago it would have been less.

So think about it… my top 6 Avon Representatives out of a team of over 600 lived in this one little town. You’d think they’d be crawling all over each other, right?

Nope, nothing like that! They each still had amazing sales!

And Here’s Another Example…

Richard and I built our business in Ventura by leaving brochures on doorsteps. We would take 300-400 brochures and leave them on the doorsteps in a neighborhood.

We would leave them on the same doorsteps every campaign for 6 campaigns, pick up the customers we got out of that, and then move down a couple of blocks to the next neighborhood. We built a HUGE business that way.

Every once in a while, Richard would come home and tell me that he had started a new neighborhood, and put out about 300 brochures before he came across a house with a sign saying that an Avon Representative lived there.

We always thought, “Well that was a waste of time,” and plan not to do that neighborhood again.

But you know what?… Many times, that is where we would get the most new customers!

Now, I don’t know for sure. But I’m guessing that by having that sign in her window, that representative was increasing awareness about Avon.   There may even have been neighbors who thought, “I need to go get a brochure from her,” but never quite made it to her house. We’re all busy, you know.

Since she never worked in her neighborhood, she never got any orders. She had neighbors who wanted to order, but it wasn’t until they got our brochure on their doorstep that they actually made that order.

And then again, many times when we picked up a new customer and talked to them, they didn’t even know they had an Avon Representative as their neighbor.

There Are Always Opportunities…

Sometimes you need to look at little harder, but there are always customers out there who are looking for you.

One of the good things about Avon is that you have no quotas or minimums. You can work as much as you want to. But that same benefit can also be a detriment at times.

There are many Avon Representatives who are not seriously building a business. In fact, I would say most Representatives are not seriously building a business. That leaves it wide open for you with lots of opportunities to grow.

I can’t tell you how many times I offer a brochure to someone only to be told, “I haven’t seen Avon in years!” or “Is Avon still around?

If You Believe Your Area Is Over-Saturated, Be That Avon Representative That Stands Out

Even if you find yourself in an area that has lots of Avon Representatives, you can achieve massive success just by setting yourself apart.

Be that Avon Representative that people can depend on. Provide valuable customer service to your customers. Make them feel important.

You’ll build a strong business, and your customers will know that you are there when they need you.

The bottom line… we all have different spheres of influence. We have different friends, we work at different places, we have different hobbies, etc.

Sure, sometimes we might offer a brochure to someone and they might tell us they already have a Representative, and that’s totally okay. Tell them you’re happy they’re being taken care of and go out and find the next person who is still looking for you!

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Think Your Neighborhood Is Over-Saturated With Avon?

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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