Posture Is What Determines Your Success

Posture Is What Determines Your Success

Posture Is What Determines Your Success

Success in prospecting and growing your business depends more on who you are rather than what you say.   This is why personal growth is considered so important as you are building your Avon business.

Your income is a direct result of your personal growth.  Who you are and what you believe is what determines your posture.

It’s a good idea to get real clear about that before talking to others about your Avon business.  Spend some time with yourself and really think about Avon, the opportunity Avon offers, and the quality products we have.

Do you really believe it’s possible to make a great income in your Avon business?  Do you know anyone who is successful?   Do you believe that the business you’re offering is truly a gift?  What is your Avon Business providing for you and your family?  What do you see in the future with your Avon business?  Spend the time to really get clear about these questions and more.

When talking with others, you never want to act or even feel that you are desperate for your prospect to join.  If your prospect gets the feeling that you are desperate, they will be less likely to join you.  Instead build your belief and inspire them to follow you.

When you are absolutely rock-solid in your belief, your business will explode.  People will sense your belief and will want to follow you.

People want to follow someone who has a plan and is making it happen.  Know where you are going and how you are going to get there.  Build that rock-solid belief and you will make it happen!

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber