Project Broadcast – Exciting New Texting Service For Your Foll

Project Broadcast – Exciting New Texting Service For Your Follow-ups

Project Broadcast – Exciting New Texting Service For Your Follow-ups

I have found the most amazing texting service to help you in your business.

The purpose of this service is to use for your follow-ups with your customers. Our entire automated follow-up training can be found here.

This new service is called Project Broadcast.

This service has truly endless possibilities to help you grow your Avon business.

It is a way to text your entire team or just certain people within it.

Use it to remind your customers before you place an order, or you can use it to announce new products, giveaways, or announcements.

Project Broadcast Has Some Amazing Features

Contacts –

With Project Broadcast, the number of contacts is unlimited. Plus you can add custom fields to increase the power of your customer list.

Broadcast Message –

This is your Broadcast Message that you will send out every campaign letting your customers know that you are placing your order.

My message is simple. It just says,

This is Lynn w/Avon. Quick reminder C-XX my order goes in on Wednesday. If I can order anything for you, please let me know by tomorrow. Have a great day 🙂

In the past I have kept my messages short so that I was only charged 1 credit per message. With Project Broadcast, your messages can be a lot longer without you having to pay extra.

As with any other service, you can setup your message and schedule a specific date and time for it to go out.

And you can create templates to make it easy to use them for future messages.

Incoming Messages are FREE –

When your customer responds to you, there is no charge. And, unlike Text Magic, if they respond with an image of their Avon order, you will receive the attachment. 🙂

Project Broadcast – Exciting New Texting Service For Your Foll 2-Way Chats are included in the service –

Project Broadcast has an app for your phone, which enables you to do everything that you can do on their website. In fact, the phone app is even better than the website.

With the app, you will have a chat, just like your regular texting service.

Text Campaigns –

This is very exciting, and I will be writing about it in a future post. I have already created a very extensive one for leads and am in the process of testing it.  I will also be moving my New Rep training texts over to this service.

Project Broadcast gives you the ability to offer six different automated campaigns:

Drip Campaign

Multiple messages sent out with specified delays based on the time a contact joins the campaign. Example: 7 text messages scheduled to send out over a 2-week period.


Multiple messages sent to contacts based on a day and hour delay from when they join the campaign.


Multiple messages sent to contacts based on a specific date and time.


One message sent to contacts repeatedly based on a date and frequency.


One message sent out to contacts every year on their birthday.


One message sent out to contacts every year on their anniversary.

Project Broadcast makes it very easy to setup these campaigns. They even provide helpful messages at different steps, especially for people not used to any type of campaign creation and editing.

Dynamic Fields –

Project Broadcast can pull any information out of your saved contacts and insert it into the message. For instance, you can insert the code for “first name” and every message will include the recipient’s name.

This makes your texts very personal and engaging, which is what it’s all about.

Tags –

If you’re not familiar with tags, they’re simply a way to organize your contacts.

A tag is like a group. You can create a tag called “Customers” and add your customers to this tag group. Then you can create one called “Team”, etc.

Then, when you are creating a message, you can choose which group or even groups to send the message to.

Training –

Project Broadcast has full training on their YouTube channel. There are short videos that show you how to do everything that the app provides.

They also have an amazing “Boot Camp” training in a Facebook Group, as well as another Facebook Group for help and questions.

Referral Program

This is really exciting, because if you join with my link, you will receive 500 free credits in your account, and I will receive 100 credits for referring you.

For this reason, if I did not directly sponsor you, please check with your upline first to be sure they are not a member and have a referral link for you. If they do not, then you are welcome to use my link. But please check with them first.

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Project Broadcast – Exciting New Texting Service For Your Foll

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