Prospecting for Customers and Recruits

Prospecting for Customers and Recruits

Prospecting for Customers and Recruits

Are you still working from the premise that you have to beg and convince people that your product is fantastic? Actually nothing could be further from the truth!

The truth is your product, and your Avon Representative opportunity, is fantastic. There is no need to try to “sell” anyone.

First, get really clear on what you have to offer! You’re doing something very few ever do, or certainly very few ever succeed at. You’re taking charge of your own destiny with your own business in an exciting Avon career! And that is exciting!

You’re offering fantastic products priced extremely well! So hold your head high and spread the word. If you’re not totally convinced of this, I suggest you spend some time with yourself and really look at your products and what your opportunity can offer to someone. Get really clear on that.

By being willing to share your opportunity with others you are giving them a gift that could truly change their life. And if they decide it’s not for them that’s perfectly okay. It will be right for someone else; and your job is to find the ones for which your opportunity is right for, but the timing is right for as well. For some, it may be the right opportunity, but the timing could be wrong. If so, you can make a note to revisit them later.

When you first get started in your business, you were probably told to make a list of names – And this is a great place to start. But I don’t suggest that you call all your friends and just ask them to buy from you or join your company. Give them a call and tell them how excited you are that you just started your own Avon business. Tell them that you know they are busy, but you’d love to share your products and let them experience them – no obligation. And tell them you would love to hear what ideas they have to move your business forward.

Then offer to pick-up some Starbucks coffee and yummy pastries, and let’s just get together for 45 minutes or so. Or ask them, “When can we meet for lunch? I would love to show you what I do and see what ideas you have to help me get started on my new business.” Sometimes this can be even better because when you walk into a restaurant or coffee shop with a basket of products it creates excitement!

And then be sure to offer your opportunity in a 3rd party approach; “I would love to show you some details of what I do, and see what advice you have on who might be right for hosting a party, or even interested in creating an exciting new career working together with me.” That lets them off the hook because you’ve already let them know you’re not expecting them to step up.

And if you sense hesitancy, it’s perfectly okay to say “I’m not trying to get you to do this. But you might know someone for whom this could be a real gift in their life.

As you’re working through your warm market, don’t forget to ask for referrals. You should always be asking who they know who would be a good fit for your business or your products. By networking, you’ll always be adding to your list and will always have people to talk to.

When it’s time to go outside your warm market and look for new people to talk to, there are many different ways to do so. You can join networking groups like BNI, or you can advertising in the “Help Wanted” sections of the newspapers.

Setting up a Breast Cancer awareness table is another great way to get new names to add to your list. Most stores will let you setup a Breast Cancer Awareness table because you’re offering a public service. For details on how to do this, see my blog post on Breast Cancer Awareness Tables.  Fair/event booths are another great way to get leads, as well as fundraisers. All of these can be a great source of new potential customers or recruits for your business.

When you’re talking to someone, the key is to spend some time with them really getting to know them and what their needs are. Really listen to them with a genuine interest. Let them feel like they have been heard. And when you think you know their why, repeat it back to them to be sure you understand. Then you can tell them the top 2-3 benefits of your business that specifically meet their needs.

If you do this right, before you know it they’ll be asking you how to get started! If they’re not overly excited about your opportunity, be sure to tell them that if it’s not right for them, you totally understand. It’s important to you that it be right for them.

Leave them with a good feeling about you and your business. You never know when the timing might be right for them and they come into your life again, or they might think of someone else who would be a fit for your business.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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