Prospecting – It's How You Take Control of Your Business!

Prospecting – It’s How You Take Control of Your Business!

Prospecting – It’s How You Take Control of Your Business!

Prospecting is your opportunity to determine the future of your business.

Your Business is not going to come knocking on your door.  You have to go out and find it.

There are ways to get people to come to you such as advertising, and many of these are very successful.  But when you take control of your own business by prospecting, then your business is in your control.

There are four basic ways to prospect:

  1. Face to face
  2. By telephone
  3. By mail
  4. Online


Prospecting face-to-face is typically the most effective way to share your opportunity and your products.

When you are talking with people face to face, you can see their reactions and body language.  You can ask questions and get their answers, making it easier to determine their needs and whether they will be a fit for your business.

There is no reason this can’t be done online as well.  You can also have discussions on Facebook to help you grow your business.

However the most important part of prospecting, regardless of how you do it, is getting their contact information.

Don’t just give them your business card or a flyer.  A very small percentage of the people you talk to will actually take the trouble to connect with you again.  Be sure to get their name and number, and then follow-up.

And then as soon as you get home, put their information into your Customer Follow Up System.

If they expressed an interest in Selling Avon, and they don’t come into your business right away, add them to your Prospect Follow Up System so that you can stay in touch with them.  That way when they are ready to join your business, you’ll be on the top of their mind.

Building your business is up to you!  It’s up to you to make it happen.  You breathe life into your dreams, and you build them.

Taking the time to go prospecting on a regular basis can help ensure that you have new people to talk to for the next day, and the next, and the next – for as long as you desire.

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Prospecting – It's How You Take Control of Your Business!

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber