Getting Started With Prospecting And Recruiting For Your Avon Te

Getting Started With Prospecting And Recruiting For Your Avon Team

Getting Started With Prospecting And Recruiting For Your Avon Team

When you first get started building your Avon Leadership Business, it can be scary. After all, recruiting sounds scary. We’ve all been there, and can relate to how you feel.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start prospecting, or what you’re going to say to them. Or maybe you’ve worked through your warm list and feel that you are out of prospects.

Sometimes that “not knowing what to do” can paralyze you and hold you back from getting started.

So, the first thing I want you to do is to make a list of everyone you know.

You will work your list and here’s a blog post that will help with that.

But first I want you to just get started.

The Key Is To Just Get Started Recruiting And Get Your First Recruit

Once you get your first new team member, you have a better idea about how it works, and it gets easier. And the more you do it, the easier it gets. But you have to get that first one first.

If you had a flat tire and were stuck on the side of the road, who would be that person you would call and you know they would just about drop everything they were doing to come to your aid?

Whoever that is, or if you have several people that you can think of, then those are the first few people you will want to call.

These are the people you are closest to. They know you, trust you, and are in your corner.

Maybe you are thinking that they will say no to your business or they might laugh at you and say you are crazy.

But the truth is… you are crazy if you don’t show them your business.

Show them where you are going. Tell them why you made the decision to break records instead of just settling in your life. Open up and be vulnerable with them.

People love to follow someone with a vision and a clear path to where they are going.

Yes, you might mess things up at first when you show them your business, but these are the people who care about you.

And if you do screw up, later you can come back and say, “I’m sorry but when I told you what I was doing, I totally blew it because I was new and didn’t know any better. It may not make any difference to you but it would to me. Can I please just do it right this time?

Do Not Prejudge Anyone When Thinking About Recruiting

It is not your decision as to whether someone is interested in joining you. It is their decision, and you must let THEM make it. The truth is, you never really know who is interested in your business and who won’t be interested.

Sometimes it’s easy to catch yourself crossing people off your list a bit too soon. You’re not letting them make the decision.

Here are just a few of the people for who you might be making the decision for them that they would not be interested in your business.

A customer we are afraid to lose –

Truth is, there is more potential for long-term income from a team member than from a customer’s order today.

It’s important to offer your Avon opportunity to everyone, especially your customers.

If they are looking for an opportunity and you don’t offer one to them, I may be the one that signs them up to sell Avon. …Or someone else… or maybe someone even from a different company.

And then you’ll lose them as a customer anyway.

Don’t risk it. Offer the opportunity and if they are interested, they will still be in your business instead of someone else’s.

Someone you know that you don’t think will stick around for long in an Avon Business –

It doesn’t matter how long they stick around.

Don’t make that judgment for them. You never know.

No matter who you bring into your team, you will have no idea how long they will stay.

Some will stay for a long time, some will stay for a little while, and some will never place a first order.

It’s just the nature of the business, and the least of our worries.

Offer the opportunity to them and let them make that decision.

Busy People –

These are the actually best prospects to approach with your business.

These are the people that know how to prioritize and actually get things done.

You’re not looking for people who have a lot of time on their hands. These people can be tough to motivate and get to work. They likely lack self-motivation and drive.

It’s not about their schedule; it’s about their mindset.

When you approach a busy person with the benefits of starting their own Avon business, they’re generally open to hearing what you have to say. This is because they place a high value on their time.

When they learn that they can start a business and build residual income that will eventually free up their time, many will see this as a great opportunity.

People who seem like they don’t need the money –

Looks can be deceptive. Never cross someone off your list because they seem to already have it all.

Maybe they do, and they’re not looking… but again that should be their decision.

I once appointed a new Rep named Gina. She was a stay at home mom, with a background as a lawyer. Her husband was the top trauma surgeon in the US. They definitely did not need the money by any means. But Gina was having a hard time not working. She wanted adult conversations and a feeling of being productive outside of her home. She joined Avon and went on to become one of my top Avon Representatives.

What if I had not offered the opportunity to Gina? Well, she would have joined under someone else, or maybe even with a different company. Luckily I met her and offered the opportunity so she came in under my team.

Or what if you met a lady who was polished and looked very well off, and so you figured she wouldn’t have been interested. What you might not know is that little Johnny needs braces, or they desperately want to put him in a private school, and although they have money, they don’t quite have enough to make that happen. Avon could be the answer they are looking for. She could make that extra money without going out and getting a job.

While working with your list, sometimes it can be hard to approach people who are the closest to you. But once you push through those, you will gain experience and strength to approach others.

What Is The Worst That Could Happen While Recruiting?

They could say No, right? So did that really change anything? If they say No, it’s no big deal, and they’re still your friend or family or whatever. Nothing changes. If they say Yes… you’ll be so glad you asked!

Worst-case scenario, you will gain experience about how to talk to people just by doing it. And the more you do it, the better you will get.

And then when you are successful in your Avon business, those around you will know how you did it. They will look at your success and maybe be ready to take another look.

Now is the time to break records. Don’t prejudge anyone. You’ll be surprised how many people you will add to your prospect list.

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Getting Started With Prospecting And Recruiting For Your Avon Te

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