Put Your Avon Starter Kit To Work

Put Your Avon Starter Kit To Work

Put Your Avon Starter Kit To Work

Once you join Avon, you will receive a starter kit at an incredible value.

This is just one of the amazing benefits Avon representatives enjoy as they start their own Beauty Business.

In your kit, you’ll find must-have beauty products, samples, Brochures and more.

As an Avon Beauty Boss, your success is based on YOUR determination, YOUR hard work, and how YOU decide to use your available tools, help, and materials.

Here’s how to start selling like a pro, in no time.

Play with the products.

Try them, learn about them, love them – and share your enthusiasm. It’s contagious!

When customers ask, you will be able to let them know what you thought about the product and why.

You can also share on social media, with things like how to videos, a product review post, or a simple picture of you living Avon

Give a sample to everyone you see.

It’s an easy way to introduce yourself and your business. And when she tries, she buys.

I LOVE the new regimen samples because they offer your customer a way to try out the whole skincare regimen at once. My customers absolutely love them!

Hand out samples. Let your potential customers know what samples you have available right away so if there is something they would like to try, you can give it to them so they can fall in love with the product.

Create Samplers – this is a great idea if you are looking for an icebreaker. When you offer a free sampler, and they accept it, you are able to open a conversation about Avon. All you have to do is place 2-3 samples in a little treat bag with a simple flyer that has all of your contact information & online store link. Everyone loves FREE, even if it’s just samples.

Share the Brochures with everyone, everywhere…

…Your hairstylist, the nail salon and the people you chat with day-to-day (like at the grocery store and coffee shop).

Your Avon brochure is the most important tool for your business. Think of the brochure as your store, where you customers go and shop. Each starter kit comes with brochures. Be sure to add your name, phone number, and online store address on every one.

Track your contact list, and follow up.

Make sure to get each person’s contact information you personally hand a brochure to, whether is by phone, email or even Facebook Messenger, so you can follow up with them 2-3 days before your next order goes in.

After getting a brochure into someone’s hand, Follow-up- is the 2nd most important tool in your business.

People are very busy these days. Many times they want to order, but don’t get around to calling you. If you follow-up with them, you are likely to get their order. If you don’t, eventually they’ll pick up that brochure again, note that it’s expired and throw it away.

When you are following up, you’re not pushing them to order. It’s more like, “Hi, it’s Lynn. Just wanted to check in to see if there was anything you needed this campaign. I didn’t want to miss you if you wanted something. If not, no problem, have a great week!

Follow-up is providing good customer service. Your customers will appreciate you for that.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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