Recruit More Avon Representatives For Your Business – Part 4

Recruit More Avon Representatives For Your Business – Part 4

Recruit More Avon Representatives For Your Business – Part 4

The Avon Leadership Program is where you will be best positioned to make the most money with Avon.

We’ve been spending some time covering different ways to Recruit more Avon Representatives into your business and build your team.

When you say Yes to Avon Leadership, you’re saying YES to:

  • Higher earnings
  • Higher bonuses & prizes
  • More knowledge & skills
  • More exciting opportunities of development with Avon

Below are a few more tips on how to recruit more Representatives into your Avon Business. The more consistently you do these things, the better results you will achieve.

Build a List –

As soon as you get started in your Avon business, you want to do two things. First get yourself a paper notebook, and second… get an autoresponder and setup your capture page and email follow-up series.

It’s important that you build a list of everyone you talk to about both the products and the Avon opportunity. Keep their contact information in one place and get everyone you can onto your email list.

People only join a business when the timing is right for them. It’s important to keep their contact information and stay in touch with them, so that when the timing is right they will join you.

If you talked to just five people a day for three years, you would have the names and contact information for more than 5,000 prospects. If all you did was stay in touch with these people regularly, you would never have to prospect again.

Use your email list to stay in touch. Let them know about new opportunities, new incentives coming out, and even new products. Work to provide value in your emails so people don’t consider them to be spam.

Become a Good Listener –

There is a saying that you have two ears and one mouth for a reason. The best salespeople are the best listeners. Learn how to ask thought-provoking questions and then stop talking, and let them tell you everything you need to help them.

Let your prospects do twice as much talking as you do. Be a consultant, not a salesperson. Consultants ask questions and listen.

If your prospect feels like they are the most important person in the world, they will be more likely to join your business. Make it your goal to help each person feel uniquely important.

Focus on Better Quality Prospects –

Our Avon business is not for everybody. Not everybody is cut out to be an entrepreneur, and not everybody loves Avon. Hard to believe, right?!? But it’s true.

By simply talking to better quality prospects, you can improve your recruiting results tremendously.

Focus on people who don’t actually need the money. Focus on people who are entrepreneurial by nature. Focus on people who are accustomed to commission pay. Focus on people with network marketing experience. Focus on people who are ambitious and happy. Focus on people who are already buying Avon or similar products.

What you want to do is Recruit up. Look for people who are better and more successful than you are. This is a hard skill to learn, but I promise it will definitely worth your time to learn it. Instead of focusing on people who need the business, look for people who would be great at it.

Ask for the Sale –

Even if someone wants to join you in your Avon business, or are ready to buy Avon from you, most of the time they won’t unless you ask them to.

Be confident, be willing to look at them in the eye and ask them to take out their credit card and make a purchase, or get signed up to Sell Avon.

This is one of the things I see most often with those who are struggling – they are afraid to ask for the sale.

Take the time to sit down and get really comfortable at what it is that you have to offer someone who will join you. When you know that you have something great, it will be much easier to confidently ask them to join you.

Know Your Numbers –

Every recruiter has a ratio. The ratio is:

Number of people approached = Number of Appointments = Number of Presentations = Number of New Customers and Representatives.

When you first get started as an Avon Representative, your ration might not be so good. You might have to talk to 60 people to sign up one new Representative.

The great new is that the more you do, the better you get at it. As you improve your skills, your ratio automatically improves.

Keep track of these stats so you can know how many people you actually talk to. Most people talk to far fewer prospects then they think they do.

The key to success is ALWAYS talking to more people.

As Jim Rohn says, “What you lack in skills, you can make up for in numbers.” He says if we’re in a contest and you can sign up 9 out of 10 people, and I can only sign up 1 out of 10 people, I can still beat you. You’ll talk to 10 people and sign up 9. I’ll talk to 100 people and sign up 10.

Keep an updated spreadsheet showing how many people you talked to, how many you set appointments with, how many presentations you did, and how many people actually signed up. You will find this incredibly helpful as your business grows.

Advertise –

Your Avon business is a real business. All businesses I know of use paid advertising. It makes sense to get your name out there so people can learn about you and what you do.

Set an advertising budget for your business to help you get phone calls from potential prospects. Purchase ALMA leads can be part of your advertising budget.

Try out a few different paid advertising strategies. Always start small and test your results. Don’t spend a lot until you’ve found what works, and then you can scale your efforts.

Appeal to People’s Emotions –

We are all emotional beings. Our decisions are made emotionally and then we justify those decisions with logic.

Whenever you talk with your prospects, focus on the benefits of what you’re offering them. Rather than focusing on the details and features of being an Avon Representative, talk about what those benefits could mean to them – such as being able to be home with their newborn baby.

Figure out what’s important to your prospect as quickly as you can and tailor your entire presentation around that.

Taproot With Your Team –

Taprooting is when you help the people you sponsor, sponsor other people. This is the key to success in any Avon business and it’s the most important tip I can share with you to recruit more Representatives.

If you sponsor 100 Representatives, but none of them sponsor anyone, your business won’t grow. You will have a revolving door in your business and you won’t be making the money you could be making.

Your goal is to help your new Representative sponsor someone within their first 24 hours. Once they sponsor their first new Representative, start working with their new recruit and help them do the same thing. Keep repeating this process over and over as you build deeper within your team, and never stop.

At some point, as you are building down, you will find that quality person who is a leader and will build a big business.

Most of the time, this person will show up MANY levels deep within your team. It won’t be someone you personally enrolled. Once you find that leader, you will coach and train them, and then they will take over this process for you, driving your leg even deeper.

Obviously we work with everyone on our team, but spend most of your time with the newest, most excited Representatives. Build your team from the bottom up. The deeper you work in depth, the more people you help and excite higher up.

These are just a few ideas about how to recruit more people into your Avon business. We’ll cover many more in the upcoming posts on this blog.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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