Recruiting More Avon Representatives For Your Business

Recruiting More Avon Representatives For Your Business

Recruiting More Avon Representatives For Your Business

Recruiting can be one of the biggest struggles for most Avon Leadership Representatives.

Many Avon Representatives won’t even try Leadership because they are afraid of recruiting.

That’s why so many people get started with Avon Leadership, only to give up with broken dreams.

The good news is anyone can recruit new Representatives into their Avon business. It just takes some special skills that take time to develop. The good news is these skills can be learned.

If you are willing to invest some time, effort and money into your business and building these skills, you can master them.

And even better, you can earn while you’re still learning.

Below are some tips on how to recruit more Representatives into your Avon Business. The more consistently you do these things, the better results you will achieve.

Work the Numbers

No matter what people tell you, recruiting is a numbers game. The better you are at recruiting, the less people you will need to talk to. But especially when you are new, talking to more people will help you learn the skills and sponsor more people into your business.

Not everyone you talk to will be interested in what you have to offer, and in fact, most people will not. And then there are many more who will join Avon, but then will do nothing and quit.

Most top earners in any company will tell you that the majority of your income will come from just two to five Representatives.

But you will need to talk to several thousand people to sponsor a few hundred just to find those two to five Representatives who will go on and build it big.

One thing I teach my leaders: No matter what the struggle is in your Avon business – The answer is always talk to more people!

It’s true, and it really is that simple. Talk to more people every day and you will sponsor more people. If you are currently talking to two prospects every day, ramp up your efforts and talk to 10 prospects per day.

Identify Your Target Market

Not everyone can be a prospect for your Avon business, or even to be your Avon customers.

Of course, there is not way to tell exactly who will join your business or who will build it big! So don’t prejudge anyone or not ask them. You can still talk to everyone you meet, but focus MOST of your time and energy prospecting those in your target market.

Small business owners, salespeople, and even stay at home moms are ideal prospects for your business.

Make a list of the groups you currently belong to. Come up with as many groups as possible. Once you have your list, pick the two or three groups you want to focus on to begin with.

Some ideas might include stay at moms, women in their 30’s or 40’s, small business owners who might like to do something on the side, etc.

Ask for Recruiting Referrals

Referrals are the lifeblood of every business. People always trust recommendations from someone they know better than advertisements.

Everyone knows at least several hundred people. Just for perspective, think about… If you know 200 people and each of them also knows 200 people, that is 40,000 potential prospects for your Avon business. You could never get through all of these people before making it to the top of the Avon Leadership program.

People will lead you to other people if you ask them and if they trust you.

Create a referral program for your Avon business. Pay CASH to anyone who gives you referrals when their referral becomes an Avon Representative or a customer in your business.

Give people a reason to give you referrals. Cash is a great incentive!

Create a simple referral program for your business. Now make a list of all your current and former customers and leads. Call all of them up and explain your referral program to them, and then ask them for referrals.

You can also send something in the mail, or by email to let them know about your referral program. If just one out of ten people gave you’re a referral, wouldn’t that make a great difference in your business?

Improve Your Recruiting Skills

It’s true that your earnings in your business follow the level of your personal development.

Always be learning everything you can about how to be better at being an Avon Representative and how to recruit new Avon Representatives into your business.

Successful Representatives do everything they can to improve their skills and be on the cutting edge.

People join YOU, not your company. If they are thinking about becoming an Avon Representative, if they don’t think you can help them, they will not join your team.

The better you get at what you do, the more serious you take your business, the better-quality prospects you will attract.

Master your skills and you will become better at recruiting. Especially work on your leadership, communication, sales, and people skills.

Set a budget for your personal development. Set aside some time every day for your personal development. 30-minutes per day is ideal. Do that for a couple of years and you won’t believe how far your business as grown as a result.

These are just a few ideas about how to recruit more people into your Avon business. We’ll cover many more in the upcoming posts on this blog.

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Recruiting More Avon Representatives For Your Business

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Lynn Huber

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