Recruiting Skills to Help You Grow Your Business

Recruiting Skills to Help You Grow Your Avon Business

Recruiting Skills to Help You Grow Your Avon Business

Recruiting skills can make all the difference in your business.

Your Avon business, and Direct Sales can be very rewarding.  You have the ability to earn a lot of money, while giving you the time freedom you won’t find with most other professions, and the ability to make a difference in the lives of others.

Ten Recruiting Skills to Explode Your Business

1 – You have two ears and only one mouth, and they should be used in that proportion.  It is more important for you to learn about the person you are speaking with then for them to know all about your business.  Don’t talk about yourself at all in the beginning.  Instead, take the time to get to know that person and build a relationship before recruiting them.  You won’t know if what you’re offering will even be right for this person until you get to know them.

2 – Ask lots of questions.  Get to know them.  Be genuinely interested in learning all about them.  Ask lots of questions without any hidden agenda.  The more you get them to speak, the more they’ll think you’re a great conversationalist.  Make it all about them!

3 – Continue to get to know them.  Ask about what products they are currently using, and what they like or dislike about them.  Learn what your prospect really needs without trying to prospect them, you’ll build trust. Then they’ll want to join you because of who you are and what you offer.

4 – Never get into recruiting mode.  Talk to your prospect as though you are friends.  We are all adults and when you respect that, your relationship can move forward without strain.  Talk with them just as though you were with your friends and loved ones.

5 – Pay attention to what your prospect isn’t saying.  Could it be that the timing isn’t right?  Maybe they’re too rushed right now to really talk to you and it’s not a good time for you to be recruiting them.

6 – If you are asked a question, answer it and then move on.  Keep the focus on how you can help the prospect, not what the prospect can do for you.

7 – Do not bring up your opportunity until you’re sure that it is something that will benefit them.

8 – Keep it short.  Pick a few ideas you think could help with your prospects situation and tell them about it.  If you’ve taken the time to find out what it is that they need you’ll already know how to recruit them.

9 – Ask the prospect if there are any barriers to moving forward.  At this time you should have a pretty good understand of your prospect and how you can help them.  You should have established a mutual feeling of trust and rapport, and are now offering them something that will fulfill a need.

10 – Ask them to join your business.  You’ve determined that you have a product or opportunity that will benefit them.  Now is the time to see if they feel the same way.

You can achieve the success you desire.  Spend the time developing your recruiting skills and you’ll see the results show up in your business.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber