Sell More Avon During The Holiday Season

Sell More Avon During The Holiday Season

Sell More Avon During The Holiday Season

Are you an Avon Representative who is looking to increase your sales, especially during the holiday season?

Of course – who wouldn’t, right?

Did you know that for most retail companies, 30+% of their entire year’s sales come during the 4th quarter?

That’s October, November, & December!

It’s no different for an Avon Representative. Now is the time to jump into gear so you can capture your fair share of those holiday sales.

Here Are A Few Tips To Help You Really Make The Most Out Of The Holiday Season

Purchase Extra Catalogs During The Holiday Season

These will be your best campaigns of the entire year.

Speaking of catalogs, start calling them catalogs instead of brochures.

It’s a subliminal message that can make a huge difference.

People BROWSE brochures, but they SHOP from catalogs.

Embrace the Festive Spirit

One of the best ways to connect with your customers during the holidays is to immerse yourself in the festive spirit.

Share your excitement about the season, decorate your online store, and create holiday-themed posts.

Show your customers that you’re ready to make their holidays special.

Holiday Gift Guides

Create holiday gift guides tailored to different budgets and preferences.

Make it easy for your customers to find the perfect Avon products for their loved ones.

Include categories like “Stocking Stuffers Under $10” or “Luxury Gifts for Her.”

Personalized Recommendations

Leverage your knowledge of Avon’s products to offer personalized recommendations.

If a customer usually buys skincare products, suggest holiday gift sets that include these items.

Make your customers feel seen and valued.

Utilize Social Media

Engage your social media platforms to showcase Avon’s holiday products.

Post high-quality images and videos of your favorite Avon items, making sure to leave space between sentences for easy reading.

Use festive hashtags to reach a broader audience.

Take Advantage of Avon Holiday Promotions and Discounts

Pay attention to any promotions and discounts offered by Avon.

Be sure to promote these on social media and with your current customers.

Host Holiday Home Parties Or Set Up Tables At Craft Fairs.

Take advantage of the demos so you can have holiday products on hand.

Don’t forget the mini hand creams and lip balms… they make the best stocking stuffers!

Host Virtual Parties

Since in-person gatherings may be limited during the holidays, consider hosting virtual parties.

Invite your customers to join an online event where you can showcase Avon products, answer questions, and offer exclusive deals.

Buy Avon Gift Sets And Wrap Them For Your Customers

Men especially love that they have a gift that’s already ready to give!

Go to the Dollar Store and get some Christmas decorations to fancy up your gift sets.

Insert a Flyer Into Every Catalog

Insert a Make Holiday Shopping Easy With Avon flyer into every catalog.

This will help make holiday shopping easier for your customers.

They can take care of all of their gifts in one place – something they will definitely appreciate.

Customer Appreciation

Show your gratitude to your loyal customers.

Send holiday cards or small tokens of appreciation.

Let them know how much you value their support throughout the year.

Offer The Avon Opportunity To Everyone You Talk To.

Attach a label on the front of EVERY catalog offering the Avon Opportunity.

Anyone who is interested will ask you about it.

Time Management

Plan your schedule effectively.

The holiday season can get hectic, so ensure you allocate time for personal development, socializing, and taking care of yourself.

Your well-being is reflected in your work.

The Holiday Season Is The Best Time To Grow Your Avon Business!

This holiday season let’s channel our passion for Avon into increased sales and a wonderful shopping experience for our customers.

Remember, authenticity and value are key.

Keep your posts real, engaging, and packed with Avon’s holiday magic.

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Sell More Avon During The Holiday Season

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