Send Greeting Cards For Less

Send Greeting Cards For Less

Send Greeting Cards For Less

I have used greeting cards for years to support my Avon team. I send cards to my team members for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Promotions, “Catch you doing something good,” etc.

I send cards to my prospects, and I use them with my Alma Leads. Every person who has shown an interest in my business, gets a 4-prong approach: I call them, I text them, I email them, and I send them a postcard.

We used to create and print these cards on our printer. When Richard and I looked at SendOutCards, even though the entry fee was high at the time, it was going to save us lots of money over the course of the year. So I joined and it has really blessed our business.

I LOVE SendOutCards and have been with them from the beginning.

But recently SendOutCards had a major price increase, upwards of 350%.

I upgraded to the $97/month plan but quickly learned that I got in trouble if I happened to send the same card to more than one person, even if I recreated it each time. They want me to pay $2.25 for each of those types of cards above and beyond the $97/month subscription. Something I cannot justify.

I need to continue to send cards for my business, so I went out and searched for alternatives.

I have found the perfect alternative to SendOutCards. The company is Pixingo. They are not as large as SendOutCards, but I’m very impressed with what I have seen.

Just so I can share apples with apples, let me show you the differences.

Here is SendOutCards new pricing schedule.

2018 SendOutCards Pricing

Here is Pixingo’s 2018 Pricing.

2018 Pixingo Pricing

And here is the price to send cards with Pixingo.

2018 Pixingo Card Pricing

So looking at the above pricing, you’ll see that you can create an account for free with both companies.

With SendOutCards, you’ll pay $2.75 per card, and with Pixingo you’ll pay $2.00 per card using the Free Accounts.

But the difference gets greater when you go to the Wholesale Accounts.

With SendOutCards, you’ll need to pay $17/month for their enhanced plan, and with Pixingo you’ll pay $18/month for their Wholesale plan. This is where you need to be with both companies in order to have a contact manager.

But at this level, you’ll pay $2.25 per card with SendOutCards, and only $1.00 per card with Pixingo.

Pixingo’s cards are 30% larger than SendOutCards. So I’ve been able to use the Small Flat Card for my prospecting emails at a cost of only $.50/each.

These are just a tiny bit smaller than SendOutCards postcards, but they’re in an envelope and look very nice. SendOutCards would want me to pay $2.25 for these cards.

Pixingo offers all kinds of cards, as well as posters, business cards and even canvas prints. You can see their entire price list here.

These are custom printed cards, just like SendOutCards. You go on the website, upload your pictures, type your message, and customize the card however you want. Then Pixingo prints it, stuffs it into an envelope and mails the card for you. You can send the card to one person, or a group of however many you need.

I am very sad that I need to choose anything over SendOutCards, but I have to do what is best for my business. I know you need a card sending service for your business as well, so I wanted to share what I have learned with you.

First Card Free

Check out Pixingo. You can create a free account and send your first card for free.

Pixingo will even setup a zoom call with you and give you a no pressure walk-through to show you how to use their system. And if you do that walk-through, they will give you extra points to use.

It’s a win/win!  Who doesn’t like free Cards!

I’m excited about this new service. I’m excited about their pricing. And I’m excited to try their custom $4.19 posters, which I believe will be huge as I’m working my Avon business. Give it a try!

Pixingo MegaBytes

Oh, and by the way, Pixingo has the SAME AMAZING BROWNIES that SendOutCards has!  🙂

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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