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Grow Your Avon Business by Sending Love To Your Customers During the Holidays

Grow Your Avon Business by Sending Love To Your Customers DuringOne thing I’ve always done for my Avon customers is give them a gift certificate in a holiday card.  I go through my customer list and send a holiday card to every customer.  For those customers who have spent at least $100 with me during the year, I include a $5.00 gift certificate in their card.

The gift certificate is an absolutely free gift from me with no purchase necessary, but it is only effective January & February of the next year.  This has a three-fold mission.  The gift allows me to appreciate my customers, generates good will with my customers, and helps to ensure that my sales stay up during the typically slowest months of the year.

I do sometimes have a customer who uses their gift certificate to purchase exactly $5.00 and that’s OK.  That’s rare though – most of my Avon customers will purchase a lot more than $5.00 because they’re so happy to have it and they really are concerned that I don’t lose out on the deal.  I’m not concerned.  I am not giving this gift to receive anything back.  It really is just me appreciating my customer and giving from my heart.


Keep in mind that it is important that if you do this you’ll be able to weather the expense if all your customers come back and purchase only $5.00.  If you are in a position where you can’t afford to do that, I would suggest you give your customers a coupon worth XX% off any purchase (I would suggest a 20% discount).  That won’t hurt your bottom line as much if you’re just getting started and not in a position to give your earnings away.   Be sure to make the effective dates of the coupon during January and February so that it will help your sales at the beginning of the year.

Personally, I have a card service that I use to send out cards.  You are welcome to use this, or purchase your own cards from wherever you choose.  The important thing is that you take the time to appreciate your Avon customers.


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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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