Lynn's Campaign 22, 2017 Avon Business Card

How To Share Your Shuffle Avon Campaign Card On Facebook

How To Share Your Shuffle Avon Campaign Card On Facebook

One of my new favorite things to do with my Shuffle App is to create a new Card for each Avon Campaign, and then share it on Facebook.

It’s great! I can edit my card with the cover image of the campaign, highlight campaign features, and include links to shop my Avon Brochure.

Below is the Shuffle Card I made for Avon’s Campaign 22, 2017. You can click on it to see the card in action. Notice when you click on Click and Shop Now, it takes you directly to the Avon brochure on MY eRep website.  The same is true if you click on Skin Care Advisor.  There’s a place for them to give me their contact information.  And there’s even a link at the bottom if you want to create your own.

What I loved about creating this card is that I could link to the brochure, and I could create a link to our Skin Care Advisor. The focus of this particular brochure is skincare, so can you imagine just how powerful it is to be able to send them directly to the Skin Care Advisor for suggestions on what is right specifically for them!

Here’s some information to help you create your business card.

To get the brochure image, I take the image from the AvonNow Online Catalog.  Log into and click on Browse Products / Shop our Brochures.

You can take a screenshot of the brochure image.  If you don’t know how to take a screenshot, you can Google avon campaign 22 brochure (or whichever campaign you’re looking for). Click the search button, and then click on images, and I bet you’ll find what you need there.

The link you’ll want to send them to, so they can shop your brochure is:

Be sure to change out lynnhuber with your own Representative Code, or the last part of your Avon website address.

Now that you’ve created your card, let’s share it on Facebook.

Typically your card is shared with one person at a time through the app. You can text or email your card to someone.

What’s great about that is Shuffle notifies you when someone views your card. Shuffle also gives you all kinds of statistics about who viewed your card, and how many times they looked at it.

Shuffle has a feature called a Campaign, which allows you to share a link with many people. Campaigns were designed for you to share your Shuffle Card one-to-many versus one-to-one.

For example you could create a Campaign for your email footer, so that when you hyperlink you Shuffle Card in your signature, you know how many people have clicked on it.

This is what we will use to share your Shuffle Card on Facebook.

To make it easier, here is a video from Shuffle about how to create a campaign:


Another beautiful thing about Shuffle Campaigns is that you can include a Lead Capture Form at the bottom of your Card so that interested prospects can leave you their contact information!  If you view my card above, and then scroll down, you’ll see my Lead Capture Form.  Shuffle will notify you of any new Contacts that come in from Campaigns in this fashion.

Instructions to Create a Campaign:

  • Open your Shuffle App and choose the card you want to create a Campaign for. Swipe up to get the menu, and choose Campaigns.
  • Any campaigns that you’ve already created for that card will show up here. Click the Green + to create a new Campaign.
  • Campaign Name: FB Profile Link (or whatever you want to call it),
  • Campaign Details: Link for FB Page (or whatever you want to call it).
  • If you want to include a Lead Capture Form, click on the check box for that.
  • Lead Capture Title: Leave me your info and I’ll be in touch! (or whatever you want there).
  • Click on OK.
  • Choose Show Link. Then it will show the link, and you can copy the link. Then you can paste the link in Facebook with whatever text you want to add.

The pricing for the Shuffle App is $19.99/month, and I love it so much I’d be willing to pay more than that.  But if you click on the link at the bottom of my card, you will get it for only $10/month.

If you like this card, be sure to give it a try as well. I have seen great success in my business from the results of this awesome tool!

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How To Share Your Shuffle Avon Campaign Card On Facebook

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Lynn Huber

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