How To Make Sure You Show Up In The Find A Rep Tool On Avon’s

How To Make Sure You Show Up In The Find A Rep Tool On Avon’s Website

How To Make Sure You Show Up In The Find A Rep Tool On Avon’s Website

As a new Representative, you want to make sure that finding your Online Avon Store is as easy to find as possible.

Avon has a tool that helps with this.

When a customer goes to and they’re not tied to an Avon Representative, there is an option to click on the Find a Representative Link.

Avon Find a Representative Tool

When a potential customer clicks on that link, and inserts their address, the website comes up with a list of Avon Representatives in the area that they can choose to help them.

If you want to show up on this list, there are some important things you want to make sure are done.

First, go to and log in. Click on Web Office.

Hover over the link that says Online Store, and then click on Personalization tool. Do NOT click on the big Pink box that says Edit My Online Store.

Avon Personalization Tool

On the Contact Information Tab, under Find a Rep Tool Online; make sure that your Phone Number and your City, State & Zip Code check boxes are checked.

Avon Personalization Tool Details

Then scroll down the page and be sure to type something in the Interests and the Why I Love Selling Avon Boxes.

When someone searches for a Representative, a list of Avon Representatives come up.

Having a little information about who you are will make you stand out. As you bring your personality onto the pages of your website, people will feel like they know, like and trust you. Then they’re more likely to register as your customer and sign up for your newsletter or click your links to your sales and opportunity pages.

Very important!

I have learned that in order to show up in Avon’s Find a Representative tool, you have to provide both Representative Delivery and Direct Delivery. If you don’t offer both, you will not show up in the listing of Avon Representatives.

That is a choice you will need to make for yourself. I personally have chosen not to provide Representative Delivery on my website.

Here is a Blog Post which explains the difference and why I have made the choice to not provide Representative Delivery on my website.

It is your choice. Be sure you understand the differences and set your website up the way that works best for you.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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