Spotlight On Samples

Spotlight On Samples

Spotlight On Samples

Would you ever buy a fragrance without trying it first?

From a shade to the texture of a face cream, samples give a sense of how a product performs. It’s a small investment with big potential payoff!

Turn $2 into a $100 sale

$2—for the 5-pack sample of Anew Ultimate Supreme Crème

$50—the price of the full-size Crème (if it’s not on sale)

Hand out samples to five customers. It takes just two customers to buy the full size to reach a $100 total sale.

As a new Representative, you’ll earn 25%, so you’ll earn $25.00 on the sale of two of these.

With the Pathway to Premier Program, you have the ability to get started and making money right away. In fact, you can earn $3,250+ in your first 4 months.

Fragrance Samples

Thank current customers for their loyalty and introduce potential customers to Avon’s finest scents. You can say, “What types of scents do you prefer?”

Choose a scent from that scent family and say, “I’d love you to try this, and I’ll follow up in 2-3 days to see how you like it!

Skin Care Samples

Be sure to have plenty of samples on hand. Skincare samples allow customers to experience a product’s texture and how it makes their skin feel.

Be sure to follow-up and add your personal testimonial to close the sale.

Makeup Samples

Makeup samples help your customers to find their perfect shades. Once she finds the ones that work for her, you have a loyal customer and repeat sales.

Tips on How to Use Samples

Samples are a great, affordable way to help you grow your business, but they do still cost money.

Don’t just toss samples in your customer’s order and expect them to try them. It’s always much better to have a conversation with your customer, and even help them try the sample.

If it’s a skin care product, show them how to try it on the back of their hand. Getting a new skincare customer can be huge for your business.

Even a lipstick sample can be used on the back of their hand if they don’t want to actually try it right now. This will let them see the color.

When you are actually working with your customer, it is more likely they will actually try the sample. Many times a sample tossed in the bottom of a bag will never get used.

Just like any other aspect of your business, it’s important to make sure what you are spending money on is going to benefit your business in the long run.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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