Stay in Your Own Lane

Stay in Your Own Lane

Stay in Your Own Lane

As you’re building your Online Avon Business, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

There is always more that could be done. More blogs to write, more social media posts to schedule, more customers to connect with, more, more, more.

And one of the biggest contributors? Shiny object syndrome.

Every time you’re tempted to buy that new, must-have tool, or to test out a new marketing method, or even switching to another company, you’re falling victim to this business killer.

Here’s the problem with shiny object syndrome. It prevents you from achieving success by shifting your focus away just when you’re about to hit your sweet spot.

It’s true. I’ve seen it happen time and time again.  Your Avon business is just starting to make sales and gain new customers, and then out of the blue, the Avon Representative does a pivot into a completely new company.

All that work… just gone.

If you are struggling to make the money you want, switching to a new company isn’t going to help you.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Set Clear Goals

The first step toward the clarity and focus you need to avoid shiny object syndrome is simply to know your goals.

What is it you want your Avon business to do or provide for you.  Are you looking for a six-figure income?  Being able to stay home with your children?  Just get a little extra money to pay for family vacations?

If you don’t know your goal, you will always struggle with focus, and every new strategy and tool will pull you further away from your dreams.

Commit to a Plan

Before you even think about purchasing a new tool, changing how you work your Avon business, or even switching to a new company, ask yourself if you’re truly willing to give it a fair shot at success.

Marketing strategies take time to grow legs. Business models can require years to show a profit.  And that shiny new tool won’t earn back its cost if you toss it aside next week for something different.

Be realistic with yourself and make a plan to give your idea the best shot at success. Make a commitment to yourself and your business.

Put on Your Blinders

If all else fails, simply stop paying attention.

Get off the mailing lists that endlessly promote the latest and greatest new business. Stop reading the blogs and visiting the Facebook groups. Don’t click on ads.

Focus on what you know works, keep your goals in mind, and recommit to making your Avon business as good as it can possibly be.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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