How to Stay Motivated As You Build Your Avon Business

How to Stay Motivated As You Build Your Avon Business

How to Stay Motivated As You Build Your Avon Business

As you’re working to build your Avon business, nothing is more important than being consistent.  Staying motivated is what’s going to help with that!

As you’re growing your business, daily bumps and bruises are a way of life. Our business is very much like a roller coaster. One day you’re up and the next you’re down.

One minute you’re ecstatic – business is fantastic! And then… every now and then you’ll run into challenges that feel like a devastating blow to the gut.

To be successful, it’s critical to remain focused on what really matters. Your motivation levels have a direct impact on how successful you are.

Your Avon business is all about momentum. Momentum is something that builds as time goes on. If you get discouraged and stop what you’re doing… even for a few days, that can put a screeching halt to your momentum.

Once momentum stops or slows down, it’s like starting over and it’s hard to get it going again.

Challenges Are A Part Of Our Business

One of the greatest challenges is managing the “lack of success” feeling you get when things don’t go as planned. Maybe you lose a customer, or maybe your top Representative quits.

We have all been there!

No matter what happened in your business to bring you to the “low,” you can overcome it. Although it’s hard to accept at the time, know that time will heal the loss and reward you with something to replace that just around the corner.

How we handle those disappointments is the key to build the stamina required to build a big Avon business.

The best way to handle this is to go out and get new business. I have a mantra in my business…

No matter what the problem is, the answer is ALWAYS to talk to more people!

It’s true! New business is always the answer. Get out there and find more. Network with online connections, or go to events where you might meet the right people. Keep looking for new ways to build your business. Move forward and do not dwell on the losses.

Here Are Some Ideas About How To Manage Your Energy:

Entrench Yourself in a Goal –

Having a specific goal can often help you get motivated. Go back to why you started your Avon business.

What was the reason you joined? What were you hoping to accomplish by signing up to sell Avon.

Revisit those reasons and get really clear on what you want to accomplish and set goals around that.

Even if you don’t see your original dreams as not happening soon, carry on anyway.

You have two choices here. Work on that remaining 80% chance of success of give up and settle for the 0% chance. The answer is very obvious.

Find another goal to work for. Sometimes if your long-term goal is out there – such as quitting your day job, you need something to keep you going as you work towards that dream.

Avon has all kinds of incentives going all the time. Pick a goal and make sure you are “all in.”

Everything you do to achieve these goals will help grow your business.

Relive Past Successes –

Think back to the last time you reached an accomplishment, hit a significant milestone, or made an important decision.

What did that feel like?

Spend some time thinking about the process you went through, the work you put in, and, especially, the taste of victory.

Reliving some of your best moments will help you get over the hurdle and back into action.

Find Inspiration in Someone Else –

There are millions of Avon Representatives, and there are quite a few who are incredibly successful.

These Reps have walked the path before you, faced the same challenges you face, and they emerged victorious.

Watch them and see what they are doing. Spend time appreciating the drive and determination of those who are successful.

Explore how they overcame the challenges they faced on their journey.

This is huge! It can be motivating, while also giving you some great ideas about how to get through the challenges you’re facing.

Try a New Approach –

Systems are critical to your business. As much as possible, you want to systemize some of the basic tasks so that you can stay consistent.

Systems also take the pressure off you by freeing up quite a bit of your time.

But look at your daily routine and the things you are doing. Maybe it’s time to shake some things up.

Try altering the way you do things, when you do them, how you do them, and even how you think about them.

Take a look at your standard processes, and find new ways to think to get past the complacency and renew your motivation.

Find an Accountability Partner –

An accountability partner can be an effective way to get and stay motivated.

Having someone there to encourage you, support you and challenge you can make all the difference.

When you make a commitment to someone else that you are going to do something, you’re no longer struggling along on your own.

You have someone else counting on you, and you don’t want to disappoint them.

For some of us, not disappointing someone else can be more powerful than not disappointing ourselves.

Get Physical –

Taking intermittent breaks throughout the day or simply going for a walk helps recharge not only your brain but also your physical and emotional capacities that allow you to keep focusing.

Personal Development –

Personal development can make all the difference to your success, both in life and in your Avon business.

We all have fears, challenges, thoughts, experiences, and traumas that could very easily take us out if we let them.

Some of these are subtler, like the fear of success.

Personal development helps you identify what these things are so you don’t succumb to them.

Find mentors to follow: Some of my favorites are Jim Rohn, Darren Hardy, and Brendon Burchard. There are many out there! Follow them, read their books, or listen to their audios.

Get on their email lists so you get positive personal development delivered to your inbox.

Get a subscription to Networking Times Magazine. This magazine has taught me so much! It’s filled with articles from people who have achieved success in a home business. It teaches not only what to do but how to do it!

Richard and I attend the MLM Mastermind event and cruise every year. It’s a great chance to hang out with the most successful home business people, and share information. Hanging around with successful people also changes the way you think.

Personal development and home business success are intricately linked.

You can’t be a good leader without having an understanding of yourself, and you can’t expect to reach your full potential without acquiring new skills.

That’s why you see so many successful people investing in their own self-development.

Psych Yourself Up –

True motivation comes from within. The best way to get motivated is by figuring out what psyches you up and gets you moving.

Create a playlist of your favorite music to play when you need motivation.

Develop a mantra to keep you moving, post a picture near your desk of your goal, or remember your past successes and how that success felt.

When you’ve found an activity that motivates you and makes you feel excited to take the next step, you have found your own motivational secret to get over the slump.

Focusing On Your Business Can Help You Stay Motivated!

The most successful Avon Representatives give their business constant attention, innovation and creativity.

The key is to manage the ups and downs effectively and not let them get in the way of building momentum in your Avon business.

When you have a big success, of course you should be happy and celebrate!

But never feel complacent.

You should always have that little voice in your head that you need to continue what you’re doing, keep going, and keep building.

Don’t let that one success get to your head and put you off your path.

And when you’re having one of your lows, don’t allow yourself to take it personally.

Use your failure as a lesson, or a challenge, and look very creatively to see how you can do better, different, new, and what you can learn from it.

When things get really low, find a way to manage your energy and your depressing feelings, and don’t those feelings hold you back.

Enjoy your business! Your Avon business can be tiring, challenging, and even lonely. But it can also be very rewarding and fun. Focus on the rewarding fun part!

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How to Stay Motivated As You Build Your Avon Business

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