Striking A Balance As A Work At Home Mom

Striking A Balance As A Work At Home Mom

Striking A Balance As A Work At Home Mom

It’s never easy being a work at home mom trying to juggle a business with family life.

You have a client that has a ton of questions for you.

Your kids are demanding your attention.

The laundry room looks like a department store dressing room, you just realized that you didn’t take the meat out of the freezer for dinner, and you still need to get some work done.

Trust me when I say that I understand.

Striking a balance as a work at home mom is not easy.

In fact, sometimes it can feel downright impossible.

But there is hope!

First, Let’s Look At All The Joys Of Being A Work At Home Mom

It really can be the best of both worlds.

You are able to generate an income to provide for your family.

You are also able to spend more time with your children.

But blending your work life with your family life takes some finesse.

It comes easily for some people, but for a lot of people, it requires more effort.

Regardless of whether it comes naturally, or you are one of the ones who have to work at it, I think we can all agree that it requires focus, time management skills, the ability to manage or cope with stress, and the ability to multi-task.

So, let’s take a look at those areas…

Time Management

This is honestly the cornerstone of your juggling act.

If you cannot manage your time effectively, I can almost guarantee that you will be overwhelmed, inefficient, and stressed out.

I imagine you running around like a chicken with its head cut off, pulling out your hair, and wishing that you had more hours in the day to get everything done.

It doesn’t have to be like that, though.

What I want you to do is sit down with a pencil and paper.

Write down everything that you need to do during the day. Everything. No matter how big or little.

Then I want you to invest in a good planner. Preferably one that breaks it down by the day and the hour.

Then proceed to block out the time that you will devote to each activity on your to-do list.

Be sure to set aside time for work, family activities, grocery shopping, cooking, eating, night-time preparations, sleep, etc.

Then I want you to stick to your schedule as closely as possible.

You may have to play around with the schedule a bit before you find the perfect routine, but I am sure that you will find something that works.


When it comes to striking a good balance between work and family, you need to be able to focus.

Having your time blocked out perfectly won’t do you any good if you don’t actually focus on the task at hand.

You should also focus on goals that you have – for your family and for your business.

Have those clear goals in mind and focus on working on them each day.

If you stay focused on your goals, the determination can see you through.

Stress Management

What do you do to wind down?

Do you exercise? Meditate? Watch a movie? Read a book? Talk to a friend?

You need to have something in place that you do regularly to help you keep your stress levels as low as possible.

I recommend working out. The hormones that are released are great at elevating your mood. Plus, it helps with your overall health.

I also recommend that you set aside time each week that is strictly for you.

Everyone needs a little time to themselves, even if it is just for an hour.


As a mom, you may have already mastered this skill.

You will definitely need it as a work at home mom.

If there are any tasks that you can do simultaneously (without adding any stress), by all means, do them.

Wash the dishes and do the laundry while you are listening to training calls.

Make lunch while you are on the phone with your team.

You could even get the kids involved and turn business time into a little family time by getting them to help you do things like labeling brochures or marketing materials.

This is called delegation and it is a great way to use your time effectively.

Schedule Off Days

Personally, I believe that there are some days that you should not have to worry about balancing work and family.

Dedicate at least one day each week to just being a family. No work allowed!

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Striking A Balance As A Work At Home Mom

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Lynn Huber

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