Success is in the Little Steps

Success is in the Little Steps

Success is in the Little Steps

I read an interview with a successful athlete who had achieved success in the Olympic selection and a couple of Gold medals.

In short, he had achieved his dream!

What really stuck with me was when he said that the difference between winning and coming second was often just a few seconds.

Growing your Avon business is pretty simple.

There are only 4 main steps:

  1. Prospecting for new customers & recruits.
  2. Getting a brochure (either paper or digital) to every customer every campaign.
  3. Following up with every customer you gave a brochure to every campaign before you place your order.
  4. Take the order, submit it to Avon and deliver to your customer, or send them to your Avon Online Store to place their order

And then Rinse and Repeat.

It’s really that simple. You just do these 4 steps over and over again, and you will have a strong Avon business.

We have our Daily 8 System to help you work on the activities that will help you grow your business.

The Daily 8 system is a proven formula

When followed consistently, the Daily 8 Plan will help you maintain the consistency required to build a thriving team and an exponentially expanding residual income.

Instead of working 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, your goal is to capture 8 POINTS a day, 5 days a week for a total of 40 POINTS per week.

Print this sheet and use it to track your weekly points.

Follow this plan consistently for 90-days and teach your team to do the same. At the end of 90 days, REPEAT and then REPEAT again. This is your Daily Method of operation.

The real secret to your Avon Business success is that there is NO SECRET!

It simply takes a simple plan and the dedication and commitment to WORK THE PLAN consistently! That’s it!

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Today We’ll Talk About How Success Is Achieved In the Little Steps

According to this athlete, a lot of champions are just a bit more focused and prepared to work harder than others.

That’s it.

He said that successful athletes used to always be the last to finish their training sessions.

The athlete gave his best and pushed himself to the limit.

He took his training so seriously that nothing came before it.

Sure, many people do that too, but winners like himself just tried a little bit harder.

Poured just one more ounce of effort and energy every day.

Those are the ones who achieve their dreams.

Success Comes When You See It From Within

Another important tip that the athlete gave is that you need to mentally prepare for an event.

You want to visualize the prize and get as much support from your professional circle.

Create mental videos of yourself winning.

You need to see it in your head before it materializes in your reality.

It’s Not About Just Daydreaming

No, I’m not telling you to daydream like you used to do when you were a kid.

That’s because those daydreams are actually too vague and subject to change over time.

Instead, create clear mental images of yourself performing the actions that are necessary to achieving your goal and focus on every step so that you fill your subconscious with clear instructions that will allow you to perform at your best.

These Mental Images Will Help You Achieve Success In Your Avon Business Too

Don’t just think about being great in your Avon business; imagine what great looks like.

Create a picture in your mind – close your eyes and see it actually happening.

What do you want to see in your business?

Is it a certain amount of earnings for each campaign?

Being on stage in front of tens of thousands of Reps at convention?

If you’re looking to make more money, obviously you need more effort.

But if you frequently think about how broke you are, it’s difficult to maintain motivation over the long term.

Instead, picture what your life will look like when you’re making the money you want, or how you feel on stage telling your story.

Visualize The End-Result

Originally, sports training used the technique of “mental rehearsal,’” where the athlete visualized his or her performance during the competition.

Over the years, sports trainers discovered that it was more powerful to visualize the end result— celebrating the victory or seeing yourself standing on the podium receiving the gold medal.

Close your eyes and see it happening right now. If you’re concerned about giving a speech, it helps to imagine yourself while giving the speech.

But the real power is in visualizing the end result— seeing yourself getting a standing ovation at the end of your speech.

The power is in picturing the end result.

You may not even know the actual process for achieving it, but once you get to the point where you believe it will happen, you’ll find a way.

Don’t Let Your Fears Limit The Grandeur Of Your Dreams

When you are focused on what you care deeply about, you are less likely to let your fears and concerns limit your thinking.

Focus on what really matters to you.

Ask, What do I want to do? NOT What should I do?

Be creative and playful.

Push yourself well beyond what you think is possible.

No athlete ever achieved a gold medal by going for the bronze.

And Last… Don’t Ever Stop In Your Pursuit Of Success

Creating a mental image of where you want to go (or what you want to achieve) is only one of the three elements of a compelling vision that will guide you on an ongoing basis.

Get clear on what you want your Avon business to look like.

And then get into action and make it happen!

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Success is in the Little Steps

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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