Success Is Yours If You Just Do Not Quit

Success Is Yours If You Just Do Not Quit

Success Is Yours If You Just Do Not Quit

In your Avon business, it’s almost guaranteed that if you keep going and Do Not Quit, you will find success!

When you first get started in your Avon business, make a promise to yourself that you will not quit and will be here one year from today no matter what!

It is important to make that kind of commitment to your business to keep you in for the long haul.  Everyone has days in the business when they want to quit.  But don’t let yourself do it.

If you’re really having a bad day, take the day off.  Find something else to do that will make you feel better.

Then come back tomorrow, refreshed and ready to get back to work.

At the very least, don’t let yourself quit on a bad day. 

Tell yourself that you’ll just keep going to look for a better day.  Then on a better day, if you want to quit you can.

I promise that if you just hang on and do something to help move your business forward and do not quit, you will find that tomorrow really will be a better day.

Once you get through the first year, as long as you keep working, and taking the action to grow your business, and do not quit, you will find some success and now you will have some reasons to keep going.

Your success is really totally up to you. 

Do not let yourself even think about the possibility of not succeeding.  You only lose when you quit.

As long as you persist and do not quit, there is no option except to find success.

Make it so!  Do not quit!  Determine right now that you will win this.

You will accomplish whatever you want.  You have the ability to reach every one of your dreams.

The difference in WINNING and LOSING is most often NOT QUITTING” ~Walt Disney

So start now.  Decide you will win no matter what, and Do Not Quit!

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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