Success Takes Longer Than You Think

Success Takes Longer Than You Think

Success Takes Longer Than You Think

Big Goals.  Large visions for your life.

Any major success you want to obtain…

Is probably going to take a lot longer than you anticipate when you start the journey.

It’s just human nature.


We get a good idea about something we want to be, do, have… and the idea captures our minds and emotions.

The honeymoon phase is awesome. Daydreaming and brainstorming of your exciting new idea and the world of possibility that will open up once you reach this new goal.

Maybe you felt this way when you first started your Avon business.

You are energized and ready to take on the world.

But you have a mountain ahead of you.

And no one has ever successfully scaled a mountain quickly and easily.

Sure, from a distance, the mountain may not look that big. It looks like fairly smooth terrain and a manageable grade when you stare at the mountain from a few miles away. You excitedly sprint to your starting point.

That’s when the work begins and within a very short period of time, reality starts to sink in at the difficulty and struggle that awaits you.

And it doesn’t matter what it is that you’re working towards.

Looking for a success Avon business to replace your income?  Sure, if you’re just looking for a little extra money or to get your Avon paid for… that’s easy.  But a successful Avon business that will replace your income?  It’s going to be hard, and you will run into challenges.

I’ve been with Avon for 19 years.  At one point, I was 13 people away from the very top level of Avon leadership, Senior Executive Unit Leader.

So, I bit the bullet to pay for a little kiosk in the mall for half of October, all of November & December and part of January.  I figured I would achieve the title in October and solidify it the other months.

But it seemed that the minute I paid for that kiosk, all of a sudden nobody would talk to us.  We couldn’t sign up a new Representative to save our life.  Before that we were signing up 10-15 New Reps a weekend at the mall.

But this was 2008, and what I didn’t know at the time was the economy had just dumped.

Then one of my top leaders who was the one I was working with most closely to get her promoted so I could promote just disappeared off the face of the earth.

She wouldn’t return my calls, emails, anything… And her whole team just disintegrated under her.  It was years later when I finally learned that she had been convicted of a crime and was in jail.

We all have these challenges and obstacles.

What if you’re working towards opening a restaurant, or a store, or any other kind of business?  That is the same thing… you will run into difficulty and struggle.

Maybe it’s sports that you’re working towards.  Or body building.  My Avon coach, Sandi, is a body builder.  And she’s definitely had here share of difficulty and struggle.

MOST people don’t make it far enough up the mountain to be invested in the journey.

They quit early enough that the pain of investment isn’t harsh enough. The sting of quitting isn’t harsh enough.

However, if the goal at the summit of your mountain is something that you REALLY want… and you have enough reasons to get there (and enough reasons not to quit), then your first mission becomes the “investment phase”.

You have to put in enough blood, sweat and tears to reach a point where turning around and quitting would be more painful that continuing.

Once you reach this point, you gain a whole new perspective on life.

The struggle doesn’t go away, but it takes on a new form. You find a sort of peace and “sense of knowing” during your struggle.

You know you will make it to your goal… you just don’t know how long it will take. But it almost doesn’t matter because you no longer count the cost. You are focused purely on the journey.

This is an easy metaphor to understand but it applies to anything in life.

It’s just how things are.  It’s just the way it is.  And if you’re willing to go through the struggle, you can accomplish anything you want!  Seriously!

Make a point to first be the kind of person who dreams, has big visions and gives yourself the permission to set major goals.

Then, make CERTAIN you stay with it long enough that turning around is no longer an option.

But keep in mind… it will very likely take far longer than you think to reach your peak and find the success you were dreaming of.

But and this is the best part… it will definitely be worth it!

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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