A System To Help Your New Avon Representative Get Started

A System To Help Your New Avon Representative Get Started

A System To Help Your New Avon Representative Get Started

So you’ve appointed a new Representative onto your team! Congratulations! You’re on your way to building a big business.

Implementing a system can help you make sure to do everything you can to help your new Representative get off to a great start.

Today I’m going to show you what I do. You are welcome to take this information and adapt to your own style and work preferences as you build your team.

First off, I have created a system (a list of steps) that I take with each new Representative. I have them all in a Google Spreadsheet to I can manage my team and know exactly where each new person stands as they are getting started in their business.


You can access my Google Spreadsheet Template here. If you want to use this for yourself, simple click on File/Make a Copy or even File/Download as… Then you can rename the new copy and it will be available for you to edit and use for yourself.

Whenever I appoint a new Representative, I have a series of emails that I send them.  I also keep track of their sales their first eight campaigns to help them earn the latest New Rep Incentive, or at least help them get a great start and learn the Avon process.

I follow the steps in the spreadsheet to make sure I do things like send the welcome email, welcome them on Facebook, add them to my team email list, send welcome packet, etc. This makes sure I don’t miss anything.

My Initial Text to them to start the conversation:

Hi ,  Welcome to Avon!  I am Lynn Huber, your mentor.  Which do you prefer – text, type or talk? ?

When you just say that and nothing else, most of the time they will respond.  And that’s a good thing, because especially with Reps that sign up online, many times I never have a conversation with them.  This makes all the difference in our relationship.

Then when they respond, I answer back in the method they preferred (most of the time it will be text):

Awesome!  What made you decide to join Avon?

Then carry on a conversation in a friendly manner.  Start to build a relationship with them and try to get to their “Why,” the real reason why they joined Avon.

Usually that “why” is an emotional reason.  So if they say I need a new car.  You can ask, Don’t you have a car now?  Or, Why do you need a new car? As you drill down, eventually you learn that they need a new car because they’re embarrassed to drive the one they have.  That’s their real why.

Once you know their why, it makes it a lot easier to support them and to know what kind of support they expect from you.

Then when they aren’t meeting their goals or placing regular orders, you can say something like, I’m sorry you didn’t meet your goal to help you get that new car.  How can I help you make sure you max out the Pathway to Premier Incentive to make the most money you can?

Emails I Send:

I also have a series of emails that I send to my new Representative over their first 2 weeks or so. I track them in this spreadsheet as well.

You can access these documents below:

New Representative Email #1 – Welcome to Avon. (Send Right Away).  Be sure to update their Account Number!

New Representative Email #2 – AvonNow is your Back Office.  Look at all that you can do! (Send 1 day after Email #1).

New Representative Email #3 – Tips To Help You Get Started Right Away In Your New Avon Business

New Representative Email #4 – Just checking in to see how you are doing.  (Send 2 days after Email #2)

New Representative Email #5 – How to Place Your Avon Order (Send 2 days after Email #3).

New Representative Email #6 – Let’s talk about Mentoring (Send 2 days after Email #4).

New Representative Email #7 – Want to Build Your Avon Business on Social Media? (Send 2 days after Email #5).

New Representative Email #8 – 4 Simple Steps to Grow your Business & How to Automate Them! (Send 2 days after Email #6).

For those of you who don’t have Microsoft Word, here is a pdf with all 8 emails.

Text Drip Training

I also have an automated Text Drip Training.

My Text Drip Training will help make sure all your new Avon Representatives have the help and support they need.

This is in addition to the system above to help your new Avon Representative get started.  And it is up to you whether you want to implement this.

You can use it as is or change it up to match your business training.

You can find that training here – Automated Text Drip Training for your New Avon Representatives.

How I Follow Up With New Representatives:

I stay in close communication with my New Representatives for at least their first eight campaigns.

After that, they become part of my normal communication with the rest of my team – team emails, sales meetings, webinars, etc. Once they start building their leadership business, I also work closely with them as they build their team. Then I work with Representatives as needed.

I text my new Representatives about a week before their next order is due. I skip this on their first order because they are already getting all these emails from me.

This is what I send in my order reminder text:

Hi , Just checking in to see how things are going? Your Campaign 12 Order is due any time between now and Noon on Tuesday, 07/19/22. Anything I can help you with?

The day after the Campaign closes out, I pull up each of my new Representatives in VIBE to see what their sales are. I log them into my spreadsheet for their first 8 campaigns.

This helps me see what they’re doing, how I can help them with the current Incentive, and how many campaigns they’ve been in business.

If they haven’t placed an order, I generally will send a text similar to this (be sure to change campaign #’s:

Hi , Your Campaign 16 Order was due yesterday. Did you not have any orders? At the very least, you should order brochures so you have them when you get to Campaign 18. Otherwise, you’ll be out of business then. Is there anything I can help you with? 🙂

Emails that I send to my entire team:

All of my Representatives (New & Old) receive an email through Vibe saying Welcome to Campaign XX.

Then on the Thursday before the current campaign closes out, I also send an email to those who have not ordered yet, reminding them they have until 11:59pm ET on the following Tuesday to get their order in.

As you can see, I have a lot of steps I take with my new Representatives. The spreadsheet at this top of this post is how I stay on top of everything and make sure every new Representative is given the care and support they deserve.

One other thing I do, is I make sure to log every contact (phone, text, email, whatever) in VIBE in the Notes section. This helps me know exactly what’s going on with each person.

It really helps me know exactly what to do and when, and makes a big difference in my business.

Remember, if you want a big business, you need to develop systems to treat it like a big business now, even though you may still be small. Those are the steps that will help you grow a big Avon business!

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A System To Help Your New Avon Representative Get Started

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Lynn Huber

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