Take Advantage of Avon Double Dollars

Take Advantage of Avon Double Dollars Promotion

Take Advantage of Avon Double Dollars Promotion

Avon is again offering Double Dollars in Campaign 16 & 17 (T/S 18-19), 2017. Be sure to read down to see how you can take advantage of this offer.

This means that all Representatives will receive Double Dollars towards their President’s Recognition Program Sales Level achievement goals on all award sales.

Avon says this is the only time they will offer this promotion this year.

What is the President’s Recognition Program (PRP)?

This program is designed to recognize and reward an elite group and Leaders, and to qualify you need to have Award Sales of $10,000 or more throughout the year, between Campaign 01 and Campaign 26).

Award Sales is the amount used to determine achievement levels in incentive and recognition programs as well as earnings level. They include Customer price sales, sales tools, demonstration products, unavailable product in a campaign and any adjustments from earlier Campaigns.

Benefits of the President’s Recognition Program

There are six sales achievement levels in the President’s Recognition Program. The greater your sales, the greater your rewards.

As soon as you reach President’s Club, you are guaranteed 40% on every order, no matter what size your order is, and your Fixed Earnings go up to 25% earnings. That guaranteed earnings goes up depending on your PRP Level, all the way up to guaranteed 50% earnings. Before reaching President’s Club, you are capped at 40% earnings.

You will earn Points that can be redeemed for gifts of your choice.

You will receive an invitation to an exclusive President’s Recognition Program Tribute, a luncheon that celebrates your success and accomplishments.

If you achieve President’s Council level or higher, you can look forward to even more rewards, including an all expense paid trip.

Get more details on under the Rewards & Recognition tab.

Avon Double Dollars

Avon is offering an incentive that’s good for Campaign 16 & 17 (T/S 18-19), 2017 only. That means for everything you purchase or sell out of those campaigns, you will receive double award sales for your orders.

So what this means, is if you have a $500 order in one of those two campaigns, it will count as $1,000 towards your President’s Club goals.

You won’t get additional earnings, you won’t earn is if it was a $1,000 order, but that’s going to count towards you achieving President’s Club. It won’t count towards any other incentives or earnings levels.

Very important...Make sure you know exactly what counts towards this incentive. Go to Scroll down the front page and click on Success Center and you’ll find all the details.

Everything is spelled out very carefully in the Double Dollars Incentive, including what pages are not included. The Avon brochure counts, the Avon Living Magalog counts, and the Mark Magalog counts, with the exceptions listed on the flyer.

Online sales will also count towards this promotion, limited to the same product exceptions as the brochures. Also, backorders are not included. So it must be from the current brochure, not any backordered brochure.

Make sure you are clear on this promotion and what’s not included, because below I am going to give you some ideas to make the most of it with your customers and increase your sales.

Some Ideas to Take Advantage of Double Award Sales:

You want to have a “Mega campaign” these two campaigns. You want to increase your sales as much as possible because this is a chance to really increase your award sales to get you to President’s Club.

So let’s look at some ideas you can use to increase your sales these campaigns.

Beat the Clock!

Beat The Clock Promotion This is a promotion that’s worked very well for me many times.

Basically you pick a date, and you offer discounts based on the time they give you an order on that specific date.

For example:

From 8am-10am, you receive 30% off your order

From 10am-Noon, you receive 20% off your order

From Noon-4pm, you receive 10% off your order.

And then you make sure you spell it all out, as far as what’s included and what’s not.

What I do is I tell them they can call, email or text their orders in to me. If I can’t take their call live, I will go by the timestamp from the voicemail, text or email. I also tell them if they order online, I will rebate the discount to them.

You can download a sample flyer here, that you can edit with your own information, or to use as an example to create your own.  This is great to put in your brochures.

So here’s how the math works:

To make this effective, you will need to have a $500 order so that you will earn 40%.

If your customer orders at 9am on that particular day, and they order an eye cream for $30. You will give them 30% off, and so they will pay you $21.00 + tax. At 40% earnings, you will owe Avon $18.00 so you will still earn $3.00.

You won’t earn as much, the but $30 eye cream will count as $50 Award Sales towards your President’s Club goals.

Don’t forget to charge the customer tax on the full price of the item, as that is what you’ll owe Avon.

Important – Be sure to EXCLUDE Fixed Earnings Items, or limit them to 10% off.

Congratulations, It’s Twins!

Congratulations It's Twins Promotion This is a sales idea I learned from my friend Theresa Paul, and it’s a great way to really increase your sales.

Now, very important… This is only going to work for you if you’re already at 50% Earnings level, meaning you’re already President’s Club.

What Theresa does is she creates a flyer saying, “For every beauty item you buy, I will give you the identical item FREE.” She gives them very specific pages in the brochure, and the last time she did this she gave away a Flat Screen TV.

Theresa just happened to have a TV to give away. Obviously, you don’t need to do that. How about… for every $25 you spend, you will get an entry into a drawing for a $25 gas card!

You can download Theresa’s Flyer here. She used this flyer to increase her sales to earn the President’s Recognition Trip. So you will want to edit this flyer for your sales goals.

In order to reach this goal at the time, Theresa needed to sell $32,000 to earn the trip. She gave out thousands of flyers. She went into every fast food restaurant, gave flyers and brochures out to everyone. In this instance, it took massive action to reach her goals.

Now keep in mind, for this promotion, you are giving away your earnings, so you will make very little actual earnings that campaign. What it will do for you is get you a very large order (if you work it right) and help you get to President’s Club Faster.

Again, it will only work if you’re already at President’s Club and earning 50%.

If you’re not at President’s Club and not earning 50%, you can modify this promotion to “If you order one of the qualifying items, I’ll match it at half off.”

So here’s how the math works:

If somebody buys a $30 item, they get the twin form $15. They can do with this any items. They might just choose one item, they might do it with a couple of items. So they buy a $30 eye cream, and get the twin for $15… That customer is going to pay $45 + tax. So that’s actually a $60 order, because it’s two eye creams at $30 = $60. With double award sales, that’s going to equal $120 in sales.

Your goal here is to at least get $500 total in orders for that campaign, because that $500 is going to get you 40% earnings on that order.

So, you’re collecting $45 + tax from your customer, but with 40% earnings, that two eye creams is actually costing you $36.00. You actually still made $9.00 on that.

Don’t forget to charge the customer tax on the full price of the item, including any free products you give them.

The reason you want to do the twins, or buy 1 get 1 at half price rather than just giving them 50% off is you want them to increase their order size. If you just offer them 50% off their order, they’ll purchase their normal amount to get a better price.

Again, you need to get your order up to $500 to make this work for you.

Be Creative. Here are Some Other Ideas:

Labels on your brochures saying “20% off every $30 order – this brochure only.”

Labels on your brochures saying “Share this brochure with a friend. Bring me a new customer, and you’ll both get 10% off your order.

Labels on your brochures saying, “Customer Appreciation Sale: 10% off every order. 20-% off every order over $100.”

Or come up with other ideas. These won’t cut into your profit as much, but will help you increase your orders for those campaigns so you can take advantage of Double Dollars!

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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