How To Take Advantage Of Avon Flexible Ordering

How To Take Advantage Of Avon Flexible Ordering

How To Take Advantage Of Avon Flexible Ordering

Flexible ordering is a new Avon program that gives you the freedom to run your business on your own terms.

You will have the freedom to place your order whenever you choose during the campaign, or place as many orders as you want without having to pay late fees or add-on order fees.

So let’s look at some ways to take full advantage of this new program.

With Flexible Ordering, everyone is on the same Campaign at the same time. The Flexible Ordering Calendar spells out the start date and the end date for each campaign.

As a Representative, you have the ability to place your order any day throughout that two-week period as you would like.

Avon Reps used to have Representative Processing Schedules (RPS), which specified which day that had to place their order. With the new program, there are still processing days throughout the two-week period.

Take a look at the image below:

Flexible Ordering Days

As you can see, this example is for Campaign 9, 2018. The campaign started on Wednesday, April 4th and ended on Tuesday, April 17th.

During that two-week period, there are 10 possible days when you could place your order. Pick one and stick with it.

Do Not Wait Until The Last Day To Place Your Order

That is not the intent on flexible ordering. Flexible ordering does not mean that your order is due on day 10.

You should pick a day that works for you, and always place it on that day.

For example, I place my orders on Processing Day #1. That means I place my order the first day of each campaign.

The reason I do that is because for years, I was RPS-01 and I am used to that. Also, by placing my order on Wednesday, I know it will arrive the following Monday and I can promise deliveries for the following week.

Maybe for you, Tuesdays work better. So then you could place your order on Day #5, and then place your order every other Tuesday – Day 5 of each campaign.

There are all kinds of possibilities. Some Representatives choose to place two orders per campaign. Maybe they place their order every Sunday, or every Wednesday, or whatever day they choose.

With flexible ordering, you can do that because there are no additional charges for late or extra orders. But do keep in mind that you will need to pay shipping for each order.

What If I Wait Until The Last Day To Place My Order?

That is your choice, but I strongly suggest you don’t wait until the last day. There are many reasons why I suggest this, so let’s look at a couple of them:

If you order earlier in the campaign, you have a greater chance of receiving everything you ordered. Later in the campaign, you have a greater chance of out of stocks and backorders.

I have noticed that so far since we started Flexible Ordering, Avon computers have crashed on the last day, every campaign. This is because too many Representatives are trying to put their orders in all at the same time. The computers can’t handle it.

When the computers crash, that also makes it much more likely you will not get your order in a timely fashion, or that there will be problems with your order.

Why bring problems on yourself by waiting, especially when there are 10 perfectly good days that you can place your order.

If you are in leadership, this is an even bigger problem. If you can’t get your order in on time, you risk the chance that you might not meet the requirements to get paid your leadership bonuses. Do NOT wait until the last day to get your order in and you won’t have to worry about this.

Get on a schedule of ordering early in the campaign. Your life will be much easier and your orders will be more accurate and complete.

And by getting on a set schedule – whatever day you choose – your customers get used to your schedule and know when to place their orders, and when they can expect delivery.

Makes your life so much easier, right?…

And then on another note, be sure you are following up with all your customers, every single campaign. We talk about that here.

By doing these things, you’ll be on your way to an Avon business that’s as big as you want!

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