Take the “Home” Out of Home Parties

Take the “Home” Out of Home Parties

Take the “Home” Out of Home Parties

When it comes to having home parties, I think that we might be too stuck on the ‘home” part of it.

Who said that you have to have the party at someone’s home?

I think that we should start a direct sales revolution where we take the party any and everywhere that the party spirit leads us.

For one, it makes for a nice change of scenery and pace.

It can also help you to overcome that pesky “I don’t have enough space at my house for a party”.

So, let’s brainstorm for a bit to think of the different places that we can have awesome direct sales parties.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

Location Ideas For Awesome “Home Parties”

1 – Parks

Reserve a pavilion (or just grab an empty one) and enjoy the outdoors for your party. Really great when the weather is nice.

2 – Playgrounds

Does your hostess and her guests have kids? Bring them along.

If they are not old enough to play by themselves without supervision, bring along a babysitter or two to keep an eye on them during the party.

3 – Office

If your hostess works in a small office, maybe she could get the whole office involved in the party during lunch or after work.

4 – Church

Most churches have rooms available that are great for a crowd of people.

5 – Community Center

Your community center might have rooms available for use.

There may be a fee and you might have to reserve it ahead of time.

Be sure to contact whoever is in charge to find out.

6 – Restaurant

Many restaurants have private rooms available for events.

Call ahead to see what you would have to do to reserve one.

7 – Coffee Shop

The same thing applies to coffee shops.

These are also awesome to come to for on-one presentations or opportunity meetings.

8 – School

If you know a lot of teachers (or are one), perhaps you can get permission to have a quick party during their lunch break in the teacher’s lounge.

9 – Break Rooms

Speaking of lounges and break rooms, most businesses have them.

You might be able to bring the party to your hostesses while they are at work (during their breaks of course).

10 – Parking Lot

If you can’t have the party inside a building, why not have it in the parking lot?

Just have your demo setup in the trunk of your car and be careful of any city regulations.

11 – Hotel

Check with your local hotels to see if they allow people to rent out their conference rooms for quick parties.

Or, if someone is actually in town for a little while, why not have a get together in their room.

12 – Pool

Who doesn’t love a pool party?

Get your hostess and her guests to gather together poolside and have your party.

13 – Backyard

If your hostess doesn’t want to stray too far from home, you could always simply move the party to the backyard for a change of scenery.

14 – Bar/Lounge

Another obvious party location is a bar or lounge.

They pretty much scream “let’s party/socialize”

15 – Online

Let’s not neglect the fact that not all of your parties have to be live parties.

Online (or virtual) parties are becoming all the rage.

Whether you do it on a special online party platform, on Facebook, on Zoom, on Twitter, on Google Hangouts, or on Skype, the online world has quite a lot to offer when it comes to parties.

What Location Ideas Do You Have for “Home Parties?”

What is your favorite non-traditional party venue? Which one will you try next?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

We would love to hear your ideas.

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Take the “Home” Out of Home Parties

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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