Take Your Office With You As You Grow Your Avon Business

Take Your Office With You As You Grow Your Avon Business

Take Your Office With You As You Grow Your Avon Business

Your Avon business really is a business you can work on the go.

You spend a lot of time in your car for your own personal reasons, and you probably stop off at local coffee shops or restaurants to grab and bite and catch up on some work on your laptop throughout your day.

That’s one of the fabulous advantages of your business – you can do it from anywhere, even when you’re just out living your life!

But are you taking advantage of your office on the road to market yourself as well? Many aren’t.

That’s okay, though. It’s an easy fix to set up a traveling office that makes it easy to work your business and advertise it at the same time!

Your traveling office is made up of items put together in a way that makes it simple to grab and go, and it includes ways to get things done while marketing your business.

Here’s what your traveling office should include:

  • Your laptop, tablet or phone.
  • Power cords for your devices.
  • Planner or agenda with list of tasks.
  • Necessary files.
  • Some kind of billboard or advertisement for your business.
  • Brochures and drawing slips or a notebook to collect contact information.

Let’s talk about your billboard. It can be any number of things.

One of the most visible, inexpensive and easy things you can use is a decal or sticker on the back of your laptop.

Customizing your laptop or tablet in a fun way with your company logo and contact information shows your dedication to your job, as well as your unique personality.

It is also a visible graphic advertising your company to the world.

You can find many options by just doing a quick Google search for laptop skins.

Here is one I found online.

I Sell Avon

A file folder with your company logo on it laid out strategically on the table beside you is another good way to announce your company to those around you.

You could also place your clear-pocket tote upright in a visible spot people will notice.

Or put some products out on the table in front of you.  And for sure, you’ll need a stack of Avon brochures!

Get creative. It’s fun to share your passion!

Tips for Setting Up Your Traveling Office

Remember, the key to any office productivity lies in organization.

A tidy office where things are easy to find and use makes it easier to get things done.

This is especially true with a traveling office because everything has to be easy to take with you on the go, and you sure don’t want to find yourself sitting down at your favorite coffee shop, ready to work, only to find out that you left an important file at home.

Here are some tips for assembling and using your office on the go:

  • Create a checklist to keep in your home office of the files, paperwork and equipment you need to have with you in your traveling office. Check regularly to make sure your kit is stocked.
  • Get a small tote or other sturdy, lightweight bag to carry all of your office items and fill it with everything you need to work while on the road.
  • Make it a habit to carry that portable office with you everywhere, even if you don’t think you’ll have time to fit in any work.
  • Pull out your office any time you’re sitting in public with some time to spare. Great moments are while waiting for a doctor’s appointment or to pick up your kids from practice.
  • Some items like large file folders or bulk catalogs can go in a plastic tote to be left in the trunk of your car. Only carry the essentials with you in a compact sized bag.

Some tasks that are easy to do from your traveling office are:

You’ll soon see that putting out your billboard while working in public places is a surefire way to gain potential customers and bookings.

You’ll be surprised at how many people will ask you about it.  Or ask you for a brochure.

Keep It Together!

As you can see, a traveling office is a wonderful way to be productive while advertising your business.

You may still be unclear about the best way to simplify and organize everything that has to go with you when you’re working on the road.

Keeping it together can be a bit overwhelming!

Here are some tips to get you started on organizing your traveling office paperwork. You can customize them to work for your unique work style and business needs.

  • Set up a welcome kit binder. After deciding what should go in your welcome kits for new Representatives, place copies of the papers and brochures in a binder with tabs to keep them separated. You may even want to print different sheets out on different colored paper to keep them organized.
  • A plastic paper sorter or file box is good to keep in the car for larger batch items you may need a lot of. This kind of organizer doesn’t take up much room and helps to ensure you never run out of materials.
  • Have a postcard file on hand. Avon professionals tend to send out lots of postcards as reminders, introductions or invitations. Keep a binder of your various marketing postcard in your traveling office so you can sit down and address them on the go.  You can also use a card sending service for that which makes it really easy to go on the go.

Go Digital

In today’s high-tech world, there truly is a lot less need for so much paper. So much can be done digitally.

In fact, Avon has an amazing “back office” online for all Representatives.

On these websites, you can manage your orders, send out customer emails, download product sheets and more.

Not only is this efficient and good for the environment, it saves you from lugging around a ton of files, postcards and catalogs if you so choose.

There are other activities you can do from your computer simply through the use of a wifi hotspot when you’re on the go.

Keep some of your tracking spreadsheets where they can be accessed online from anywhere.

Spreadsheets such as your New Rep Tracking, sheets to track your campaign sales and recruiting efforts, etc. can be housed in Google Docs so you can work on them wherever you are, at home or on the road.

You can also use services such as DropBox to save your documents and access them from anywhere.

Send out links to your Digital Brochure, post to social media, write blog posts and other marketing tasks are all conveniently done while out and about.

Where to Set Up Shop

You can really set up your traveling office almost anywhere.

While you’re waiting for your daughter to finish her gymnastics class or sitting in school pick-up line, you can be working.

Taking the kids to the playground on a sunny day is possible when you’re able to bring your office with you.

Those rare moments alone can be enjoyed at a nice coffee shop, sipping a latte and catching up on some business tasks.

Most of these examples are also perfect opportunities for you to be advertising your business.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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