It Takes Momentum To Build A Successful Avon Business

It Takes Momentum To Build Your Avon Business

It Takes Momentum To Build A Successful Avon Business

Whether you’ve just started your Avon business or you’ve been running a successful business for years, or you sit somewhere in between, momentum is key to your long-term success.

Ever have days where nothing seems to work, and others where you’re getting things done almost on autopilot, surprising yourself at your own productivity?

Next time this happens, take a look at what you did in the days or weeks beforehand.

Momentum doesn’t come out of thin air.

It’s the byproduct of force.

In other words, whatever you put in now makes your life easier later.

Building Your Business Is Like A Freight Train

Did you know it takes a freight train traveling at full speed more than a mile to come to a complete stop?

This is why cities are so careful around train crossings, and why those big bars come down to block traffic when a train is coming.

Trains can’t stop!

They have too much momentum, too much energy built up that has to go somewhere.

The flip side of that is that they’re slow to start, as well.

For the first few miles, a train is barely crawling along, putting all of its energy into getting up to speed.

Your Avon business is like that train.

It has momentum, and the more of it you create, the harder it is to stop.

That’s a good thing.

It means that your Avon sales, the number of customers you bring in, your income… and even social media content creation all become easier as your momentum increases.

In the beginning, though, it feels like everything takes an enormous amount of effort.

Making a single sale, getting your first 100 email subscribers, or attracting more than a small handful of visitors to your Avon Online Store might seem as if it takes forever.

You’re Building Momentum, So Keep Going

But that’s ok.

The next sale will come quicker. And the one after that, even faster.

Your email list will grow; the tiny drops will turn into a trickle and then a stream.

That’s momentum at work.

Just Don’t Stop

But if you stop, or even slow down, you will lose that momentum.

If you allow yourself to think, “This isn’t working,” and change direction, then you lose all the momentum you’ve created.

You’ll have to put all that energy in again just to get to where you are now.

Don’t stop, or even slow down – especially in the beginning.

Let the momentum build, no matter how slow it feels right now.

I promise that what you’re creating will become unstoppable if you let it.

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It Takes Momentum To Build A Successful Avon Business

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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