Target Fundraisers to Increase Your Avon Business

Target Fundraisers to Increase Your Avon Business

Target Fundraisers to Increase Your Avon Business

In order to grow your Avon business, it’s important that you get outside of your sphere of influence.

You have your warm list, and I hope you worked it… that is what will get your started. But to achieve the most success, you need to grow outside of that list.

You need to have a steady flow of people into your business all the time, meaning that it’s important that you continually and consistently add people you do not know to your customer list.

One way to do this is to seek out fundraiser events.

Sometimes, people will support a fundraiser who will never come to a home party.

When you help a school or organization raise funds, you open yourself up to a lot of people who are looking for an Avon Representative – and you’re in the right place at the right time to become that Representative for them.

I don’t suggest you go straight to the PTO or the main office of a school to find those fundraisers. That’s what everyone else is doing.

Instead, go after the small groups, like the cheerleaders, marching band, math department, ski club… there are many, many groups within a school that you can approach.

Start with building a list –

There’s that dreaded list again 🙂 – but it’s a great place to start.

Who do you know that has any affiliation with a school or church, or any other group that may need to raise money?

Find a connection that can hook you up. Once you get one or two groups, they will likely lead to others. News travels fast when groups have a great fundraiser.

You have so much more to offer than the typical wrapping paper and cookie dough fundraisers. How about doing a Bug Guard fundraiser for a sports team. …Or a makeup fundraiser for a girl’s dance team… The possibilities are endless.

Log into and click on Earning Opportunities / Fundraising.

You’ll find all kinds of information there, including Fundraising Flyers you can use, tips on how to approach an organization, what to say to them, and how to complete the fundraiser.

Set a plan to approach these organizations/groups. Something as simple as reaching out to a new connection every day or every other day will add up over time. Take the time and be consistently reaching out to schools and churches and dance groups.

  1. There are LOTS of schools!
  2. Each school has LOTS of clubs!
  3. School fundraisers will be your highest lead generator every year!
  4. Have a good fundraiser this year and they will have one every year!
  5. People will support a fundraiser who will not come to a home party!
  6. You will meet LOTS of people who will want to buy Avon!

As you bag up your fundraiser, make sure to put an Avon Brochure into each bag. Include a flyer about how they can place an order through you, either in person or online, and how they can make money selling Avon.

You’ll help an organization raise much needed money, you’ll find new customers, and you’ll find new recruits!

You can do this!  It’s Easy… It’s Avon!

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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