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Teach 3 to Reach 3

The quickest way to grow your Network Marketing business is to teach your new Distributors to start recruiting right away.

The key is to get them into action.  When you show the plan to enough people your business will grow.  Some will join right away, while others will stop you before you even get the first sentence out.  Some will want to take more time to think about whether your opportunity is right for them and some will want to get more information.  Some may have a bad impression about Network Marketing and won’t join at all.  But all you have to do is sort through the people you meet.  It’s about sorting rather than selling.  Some people are right for your business and are looking for something now, and others are not.  The key is to find the ones who are ready now and not spend a lot of time on those who are not.


Talk to everyone.  The more people you recruit into your business and teach to move products AND to recruit others to do the same, the faster your team (and your business) will grow.  Prospecting and recruiting are the critical action steps to your business.

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By Lynn Huber


Lynn Huber



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