The Art Of The Soft Sale

The Art Of The Soft Sale

The Art Of The Soft Sale

We’ve all seen those old-style web pages filled with yellow highlights and screaming red text and lots of “BUY NOW” buttons. Sometimes when we think of copywriting, that’s what comes to mind.

While that style of selling can be effective, it’s not the only way to make sales.

In fact, you might find that you generate more interest, and potentially more sales by taking a more subtle approach. This works both with your websites and your social media posts.

Facts Tell, Stories Sell

Stories are a fantastic way to entice readers to click through to your sales page or to your Avon website to make a sale.

Facts are important. People sometimes need to know about certain ingredients, or how to use a product, but when you tell a story that’s when you’ll really catch their attention.

These can be your stories, or those of other people, with the goal of helping your readers see themselves in the same situation.

Did you help a customer with some fine lines and wrinkles on her face? Did people start to notice, and then she told you what people were saying? Her story on your sales page or Facebook post will get way more clicks than all the yellow highlight you can buy.

What about the lady who used the Espira Hunger Block to help her not eat in the afternoons? When you tell her story about how she takes the Hunger Block with a glass of water in the mid-afternoon, and now doesn’t even think about eating until dinnertime, people will listen. They’ll want to learn more.

That’s the power of stories. You can use them everywhere – in your blog posts, in your emails, on Facebook posts, Instagram… pretty much everywhere.

So start collecting stories. Attend sales meetings to hear other people’s stories. Read the posts in Facebook groups where you can learn other people’s stories. Keep them in mind and then you can share them with your potential or current customers.

Be Genuinely Helpful

Want to build a reputation as the go-to person for Avon?

All it takes is to help people. Answer questions on social media, volunteer to speak to groups who need your advice, write blog posts that address the most common issues your readers face.

By volunteering your time and knowledge, you’ll attract a wide audience of potential customers who may need your services or want to buy Avon from you in the future.

When they are ready to buy, who will they turn to? That helpful person who went out of her way to offer assistance in the past.

Now I’m not saying you have to give away all your time, but if you really want to show off your expertise, you can’t do better than a little volunteer work.

Not only will you make an impression with the person you help. But chances are good she’ll share with her friends as well, further expanding your audience.

Of course this doesn’t mean that there is no place in your business for a strong call to action. “Click here to buy” and “Learn more right now” are still useful (and even necessary) on sales and opt-in pages.

The key is to know when to make a subtle offer, and when to offer a bit more handholding.

Start Blogging

Starting a blog can be a great way to share your knowledge and become that go-to person.

Every time you write a blog post, it’s one more indexed page on your website. It’s also one more cue to Google and other search engines that your website is active and they should be checking in frequently to see what content you’ve published that they should surface.

Blogging also helps you get discovered via social media. Every time you write a blog post, you’re creating content that people can share on social networks — Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ — which helps expose your business to a new audience that doesn’t know you yet.

Your blog can help establish you as an authority. Can you imagine the impact of sending an educational blog post you wrote to clear things up for a confused customer? Or how many questions you can answer for people who might consider joining your team?

One hour of effort today can turn into hundreds of thousands of views and leads in the future.

Think blogging is something you might want to try?  Click Here to see some of the tools I use and instructions on how to get up and running.

You don’t have to do everything all at once. It takes time to build an online presence. Just get started, and start writing blog posts about your products and your business… and over time, you’ll have that strong online presence for your business.

When people go to Google to search for Avon or Avon products, you will be the one they will find.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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