The Hermit On The Mountain

The Hermit On The Mountain

The Hermit On The Mountain

Once upon a time there was a hermit who lived high on a mountaintop above the town below him.

The hermit had everything he needed right there on his mountaintop. There was no reason for him to ever go into town.

He had plenty of food and supplies. He had a small vegetable garden and a few animals to supply his needs. And he had a well for his water.

He really enjoyed living on top of that mountain all by himself. Life was easy and he was content. After breakfast and his morning chores, he would make his lunch and take it to the rocky outcrop where he could watch the activity in the town below.

The town was a long way down the mountain. The people down below running around and doing their thing seemed like ants to him.

But with all the hustle and bustle going on below, it seemed to peaceful. It looked to him like a great ballet or dance.

Every day the hermit sat out that outcrop watching the activities below. Finally, one day, he decided to go down to the town and experience this beautiful ballet for himself.

He got his coat and started walking down the mountain. As he descended the mountain, he started to hear strange noises. The closer he got to the town, the louder the noises became.

When he reached the bottom of the mountain, the noise was almost deafening. Everywhere he turned, there were people rushing around doing things he couldn’t even begin to understand. As he tried to walk, he was pushed and jostled by the crowds of people.

What was this? What happened to the peaceful and beautiful ballet he had watched from the top of his mountain?

He couldn’t take it anymore, and so he fled back up to the top of the mountaintop to the safety of his home.

When he arrived at home, we went back to the outcrop and looked down at the town. To his amazement, the beauty and silence had returned.

He could still see all the ants rushing around below, but all the screaming sounds and the noise was gone. Back was the silence he had always heard before.

The hermit was dumbfounded. How could such peaceful beauty come from such noisy chaos?

This is true in our lives and in our Avon business. Often times we find ourselves overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. It’s too much!

When we feel overwhelmed, our natural response is to give up and break down.

But sometimes, whenever we feel these feelings, it’s better to step outside of our normal patterns, try to step away from the daily issues and look back at them from afar.

Many times you’ll find that the situation or the decision that you have lost control of, that is stressing you out… when you step away from it and see it without all the other clutter, it’s not near as bad as you think.

And often, when you look at it from the outside (looking inwards), you can see the solution clearer than you would when you’re right in the middle of the problem.

Every day, take a moment out, step outside of your Avon business, or even your personal problems. Find your “mountaintop” and look down on your life from there.

It’s all about perspective. Everything we see around us is dependent on our current perspective.

But there are many perspectives depending on how you’re looking at things. Wayne Dyer said it best:

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

When the one you have isn’t serving you, simply get up and go to another side of it.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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