The Power of Using Positive Language with Your Customers

The Power of Using Positive Language with Your Customers

The Power of Using Positive Language with Your Customers

Speaking to your customers using positive language will go far in helping you keep them happy.

This is even true when you have to give your customers bad news.

Doing it positively and helpfully in a way that shows you care is going to make a huge difference in your customer relationships.

Avoid Negative Language –

If a customer needs help with something, instead of saying any words that sound like not, don’t, or can’t, try to use all positive language. “I will find the answer to that question and get back to you within 24 hours.

Use Positive Language –

I will check on that for you.” “Please hold while I check on that for you.” Instead of, “I don’t know” always sounds a lot better and makes people a lot happier to hear.

You want to instill confidence in the customer that you can help them by always saying yes and leading with yes instead of no.

Stick to the Issue –

When you are dealing with a customer issue, just deal with that issue. Don’t bring up more issues or get off track.

It’s okay to use a little normal chit chat to get tempers down, but you want to try to stick to the issue at hand.

Keep Your Language Conversational –

Even if it’s in chat or email, or by voice, it’s imperative that you keep the tone of the entire conversation conversational.

It should be a nice back and forth and not too canned to make the customer feel heard.

Stick to Your Brand Voice –

One thing to remember is that customer service, in general, should have the same tone as your overall business.

Use the words and jargon that your customer will feel comfortable using.

Look in a Mirror –

If you are talking on the phone, use a mirror to talk to.

This will help you sound human because otherwise, you may sound like you’re talking to a machine.

For whatever reason, when you look anyone in the eye (including yourself) when talking, your voice will have more life in it.

The thing to remember the most is that you want to speak and write responses to your customers in a natural way.

You want it to feel as if they are talking to a friend and not a nameless and faceless (and soulless) corporation.

The way to accomplish this is to remember to lead with yes, even if the answer is no.

Plus, work on keeping a comfortable and relaxed tone of voice because that will make a difference in how your audience reacts too.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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