The Trap Of Listening To The Wrong People When Starting Your Avo

The Trap Of Listening To The Wrong People When Starting Your Avon Business

The Trap Of Listening To The Wrong People When Starting Your Avon Business

When we first get started as a brand-new Avon Representative – or anything new that we do, really – we’re unsure.

We’re wondering if we made the right decision, or if we’re doing it right, or even how it will all turn out.

This is the time that we are the most vulnerable, and our radar is on high alert.

It’s important to keep in mind that you’ve started an amazing business!  Avon has been around over 130 years.  Everyone knows Avon and has probably already formed an opinion of the company and the products.

Many, many people love Avon.  Their childhood is filled with fond memories of Avon products.  They may have fond memories of holiday gatherings around Avon products, or even products that made them feel better.

And there will be some that don’t love Avon.  They don’t have fond memories, or don’t like the products.  And that’s OK.  Avon is not for everybody!

I have found that when I’m out talking to people, many are happy to see me and happy to see Avon is still around.

In fact, I get comments such as: “Is Avon still around?  I haven’t seen a brochure in ages.” Or “Avon, I remember that my mom used to give me Avon presents for Christmas!

Many of these people will want to see a brochure and will be happy to talk to you.

But here’s where the problem comes in.  Yes, you are going to find people who don’t want anything to do with Avon.

If I had to guess, I’d say 60% of the people I talk to love Avon, and 40% are not interested.

But what if the first person you talk to is in that “not interested” group?  Or even worse, what if the first three are in that group?

What if one of your family members says something like, “Nobody makes money with Avon.” In that case, keep in mind that it’s just not true.  Lots and lots of people make good money with Avon.  And if you need help with that, I’ll be happy to introduce you to some of them, including me. ❤️

If you’re not very careful, this early negativity can destroy your brand-new business before it even gets started.

If you allow yourself to give up now, you’ve just walked away from the new Avon business that could have changed your life!

But consider how much more resilient you might be if the first three people you talked to were excited and loved Avon!

You might then persist in the face of 100 critics after that, simply because the first people you talked to were so positive.

The order of the Yeses and Nos doesn’t change the ratio, but it certainly feels that way.

Listening to the right people is a gift, a chance to learn about how to do better.  It will validate your new Avon business and you’ll learn as you go.  You’ll quickly learn to sort through the Yeses and the Nos.

Listening to the wrong people, especially the early critics, is a trap.

When you’re just getting started and are not quite sure about what you are doing, it’s so easy to get caught up in the trap.  And then before long, you’re telling yourself that this isn’t going to work, or it’s not for you…

Don’t allow it.  Know that’s just a trap and keep going. 

Make a commitment that you will give your new Avon business six months, or a year, without questioning it.

And then you can come back and decide if your Avon business is right for you.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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