Build Loyal Customers With This One Simple Strategy

This One Simple Strategy Will Help You Build Loyal Customers

This One Simple Strategy Will Help You Build Loyal Customers

I have a strategy that I’ve used for years and years that has helped me build relationships with my customers, created loyalty with them, and even gotten me lots of referrals from those customers.

Of course we all want to get new customers, and we’re working on that every day.

But getting a customer can many times be more expensive than focusing on your existing customers.

I know some of you are starting out with no customers yet, but some of you already have an existing customer base.

What I’m going to be sharing today is a strategy you use when you get a new customer – this is something you can do and it will actually help you get new customers in the long run.

This will help you create a customer loyalty, and will brand you as the best Avon Representative, and will set you apart from other Avon Representatives.

So, the simple strategy is…

When you sell a product, if you do this one thing… you will build loyalty and you’ll get more referrals.

What is it????

Send them an unexpected gift!

This is my simple strategy. It’s got to be unexpected, meaning your customer does not know that they’re getting a gift.

This is the one strategy that I’ve implemented in my business that has made me thousands of dollars of income, helped me get additional orders from my customers, because they’ve fallen in love with Avon and the Avon products, and in our service.

SendOutCards Brownies So what I do, is when I get a first order from a customer, I send them a 2 pack of brownies. I’ll insert a card that says Thank you for your order. We appreciate you! Enjoy the brownies. They’re especially amazing warmed up in the microwave with a scoop of ice cream!

When my customers have received the brownies thanking them for their order, they LOVED it! It was unexpected. They were like, “Oh my gosh! Nobody does this!

I get so many calls from customers saying, “Thank you for the brownies!” Of course they love our Avon products, but sometimes it seems they almost love the brownies, and the card that we sent them, more than the loved the product – just because it was totally unexpected!

Of course, SendOutCard’s brownies are amazing.  We call them “magic brownies.”  🙂

It was that simple act of an unexpected gift that arrived, that they just loved. Everyone who gets this box of brownies from us just LOVES it!

Build Loyal Customers With This One Simple Strategy

There’s something about an unexpected gift, especially if it’s food… and they eat that food, and somehow that really makes them feel loved by you.

It only takes a few extra minutes to implement, but the results are amazing!

  • It will create a loyal customer
  • It will generate referrals

The key is it’s got to be unexpected! The person has no idea it’s coming.

So here’s how I determine whether I’m going to send just a card, or if I’m going to send brownies, or cookies, or even other types of products or even gift baskets.

If it’s a small order, I may just send a card.

If it’s a $40 or $50 order, or more, I will send a 2-pack of brownies. Or with a larger order, I might send a 4-pack of brownies or a box of cookies.

If they really give me a big order, or maybe at the end of the year after they’ve ordered from me again and again, I will send them a nice basket of products.

Additional follow-up cards over the course of the year for my regular customers just make it better. It’s such a low cost and it creates such a connection with my customer that it’s worth every penny.

If you choose to send a card using the system we use, you can totally customize them for your customer.

My friend David, PhotoShops himself into pictures with famous people for a really custom card. What you can do is limited only by your imagination!

Build Loyal Customers With This One Simple Strategy

Now, you don’t need to use the system we are using. Even a hand-written card with a thank you is very appreciated.

But if you go this extra step, and you do something like this, where it’s so unexpected and so different… they’re going to put that card on their fridge, or on their desk.

I have people who say that they still have my cards that I send them years ago, sitting on their desk, or on the refrigerator!

Why? Because it’s not just a regular Thank You card. It’s so unique.

All kinds of people use these types of cards – insurance agents, real estate agents. It’s just a great follow-up type campaign that uses a really unique card that captures people’s attention.

You want to be UNIQUE!

Your customer will think you’re awesome because you sent them this unexpected gift and a really cool card.

They’re going to fall in love with you. You’re going to think you’re so awesome, and they’re going to take that card and they’re going to tell people about it – especially if your card is unique.

If you send a regular card, they will still appreciate it. It will make you stand out and it will be unexpected. They will love it.

If you go that extra mile and send a card like this… where you make a really cool unique card, they’re not going to throw it away.

They’ll put them on their fridge, and people will see them and ask about it.

And now your customer will be saying, “Oh, that’s my Avon Lady! She does that kind of stuff all the time.” And they’ll talk about you.

So then you continue to send cards or letters, or hand-written notes appreciating them, and thanking them for their orders, or encouraging them to sign up to sell Avon, or whatever. Maybe you send 2-3 cards a year.

It doesn’t cost you very much, but what happens is now you’re building up that relationship with them.

They really feel like you care about them. You send them a birthday card.

Imagine getting a birthday card from someone that you bought a product from. Isn’t that cool! Someone remembers you.

I’ve even heard feedback from my customers that was the only birthday card they received!

These days, most family members just text or Facebook Message their Happy Birthday wishes.

So here’s how you get new customers from this.

Every once in a while, you’ll ask for a referral.

You ask them, “Do you know anybody else who would be interested in starting an Avon business, or buying Avon products?

So, the next time you make a request from your customer – by asking them to purchase a product, or give your a referral, or even signing up to sell Avon, they are going to be more eager to buy from you. Because they love you! You’ve built up that relationship with them.

This is especially true for online customers. In the digital world, there’s kind of a tendency to not build a close relationship with your customers, and this is what changes that.

The unexpected gift, something that’s unique, makes all the difference in the world.

Our business is all about building relationships with people.

So these types of strategies – a hand-written note, a phone call… can make all the difference in the world. Especially for your online customers, it takes it from being 100% digital to something much more personal.

And if you can take your business and make it a little more personal, you’ll have a much stronger business in the long run.

This includes your team members as well.  They, too, want to feel appreciated!

Build Loyal Customers With This One Simple Strategy

So here are some ideas about how I implement this. There are a couple of services I use, and there are even more out there. So you don’t have to use the service I use, but these are the services that work for me.

SendOutCards –

This is a company where you can go and create a custom card to send out.  In fact, that’s where all my custom cards came from.

They even have some amazing follow-up systems, almost like an auto-responder where you can send out pre-setup cards on a specific schedule. I use these for follow-ups for potential new Avon Representatives.

I have always been a card sender. Back in the day, about 14 years ago, I used to print postcards 4 to a page, cut them and mail them to my team members to recognize their accomplishments. I would send birthday cards, Holiday cards, etc.

When I heard about SendOutCards, I put a pencil to it, and they had much better beautiful customized cards for less money than I could print them myself. So I became a distributor. Even with the distributor sign-up fee (which was a lot at that time), I saved money using this system.

I sill use this product every single day for customer appreciation and team recognition cards and gifts.

I am on an unlimited monthly subscription.  With that subscription, you can send as many heart-felt cards as you want every month for one low price.

So right now with this COVID-19 crises, I am sending heart-felt cards to 8-10 customers and team members every day to let them know I am thinking of them.

It really makes a difference.

Handwritten cards –

Yes, I’ve also sent cards the old-fashioned way. Just write something from the heart and mail it. The key is writing from the heart. So yes, a hand-written note works great as well.

Amazon Gifts –

I also use Amazon. I am an Amazon Prime member, and you can order things from Amazon and ship them directly to people, and you can even put little personal notes with them. As a Prime member, I get free 2-day shipping.

All of these work. I’ve seen other systems that are out there that people use to follow-up.

I’ve used all the above systems.

I’ve sent gift baskets to people. I’ve called people. And it’s so much easier when I can send that gift directly from my computer.

At the end of the day, it’s all about what’s going to set you apart from the other Avon Representatives. What’s going to make you unique? What’s going to get your customer to fall in love with you?

And that’s going to be that unique, unexpected gift, card, phone call, etc.

When you even so much as call or text your customers, just to check in – not to sell them something – they love it. It really does make them feel like you care about them.

This is the one thing that I’ve used for years and years to build relationships with my customers, turn them into loyal fans, and get new customers.

And getting customer referrals from existing customers is so much easier than going out and finding new customers.

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Let’s have some conversation!

EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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