I Thought I Was More Professional Than That

I Thought I Was More Professional Than That

I Thought I Was More Professional Than That

Recently I had a booth in a local trade show for my Avon business.

One of my best friends (I’ll call her Mary to protect her privacy) came to see us in our booth.

We had a wonderful talk and I told her about my business and she promised to look at it.

But later in the day it came to me that I had given her way too much information.

You see, Mary was recently downsized from her position in the corporate world.

She is 56 years old and although she is very well qualified and top in her field, I am worried about her ability to find another position in this economy.

I, however, know that she is extremely qualified and know she can be a huge success at whatever she puts her mind to.

While talking to her I got a little carried away and told her what some of the top earners make in our company.

Now, in retrospect, I know that was a huge mistake on my part.

Why? Was I lying? Absolutely not!

I know these people who make these gangster incomes.

I have made a lot of friends with people at the top levels of Avon and many other companies.

I know that I will be able to make that income within the next 5-10 years, and so there is no question in my mind.

But I didn’t just fall into Avon knowing that. In fact, it’s really more like I “fell into Avon.”

I was not looking for an opportunity, and if I was I can pretty much guarantee that it would not have been Avon at that time.

I had a very successful position as Director of Marketing for a large Food Distributor.

I thought Avon was for people who couldn’t do anything else. I joined Avon only because I wanted to sell the products online to help pay for my square dance website.

It wasn’t until I accidentally built my business to the point where I could pay CASH for a brand new car within 16 months that I really started looking at it as a valid source of income.

Then I started really building my business.  I had some ups and downs, and even left Avon at one point.

But as time went by I went from believing to KNOWING that Avon is where I am supposed to be.

But Mary doesn’t have that same experience that I have.

She was very successful in the corporate world and will likely be again very soon.

When I told her what top earners make in our profession, it would have most likely sounded like hype to her.

Luckily for me, Mary and I are great friends. She knows that I was successful in the business world, and she knows I am successful in Avon.

She knows that Richard and I are debt-free and retired early, and I hope she knows that I would never lie to her or push her into something that wasn’t good for her.

I got excited because I KNEW she could be wildly successful in this business and I wanted to help her because I feel very bad at how she was treated in the corporate world.

What would have been a lot more professional would have been for me to suggest that she could work on building her Avon business while she continues to look for her replacement position – maybe it could be more like an income insurance policy.

When she finds that perfect position she will have the option to either continue or not with her Avon business.

But if she doesn’t find that perfect position for awhile at least her Avon business will help her continue to receive an income while she’s looking.

I know Mary has the skills to build a huge Avon business but it will take time for her to know that herself.

And who knows, with a little time, maybe she could build her Avon business to where she’s making enough money that she might just decide she likes this thing called residual income and the time freedom that her Avon business gives her and may decide she doesn’t need another corporate position!

So, are you getting carried away and giving out too much information too?

Let’s really look at what we’re saying and keep if professional like the professionals we are.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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