Tips To Be More Consistent On Social Media

Tips To Be More Consistent On Social Media

Tips To Be More Consistent On Social Media

We all know that marketing our Avon business on social media is a no brainer.

The potential is huge because millions of our potential customers and future team members are logging into social media daily, if not many times a day.

It’s important to be coherent with our social media posts, so as to not confuse our customers or prospects with the identity of our business.

It’s important that you don’t feel overwhelmed, so just work towards these ideas.  Do what you can, and every day work to learn or do a little more.

Here are some tips to help you be more consistent:

Use a content calendar

Your calendar doesn’t have to be complicated.  In fact, the more simple you make it, the better.  We have a monthly OnlineBeautyBiz Calendar you can either use them as is or use them as a base to get started.

You can find the calendars here.

Take a look at what your followers are drawn to and work to provide more of that type of content.  By providing value and the type of contact that attracts your followers, you’ll gain more visibility and be able to genuinely build relationships.

Design your own graphics

Once you have a plan for what you’ll be posting over the next week or couple of weeks, you can create some of your own content to help you stand out.

Canva is a great tool to easily help you create your own graphics.  You do NOT have to be a professional graphic designer to do it.  They have lots of templates and ideas to help you look like a pro!

If you decide to use CinchShare to schedule your posts, they also have lots of graphics you can use.

Schedule your content

Scheduling your content will seriously save hours and days of your life.  You can schedule the week ahead, the month, or the season.

I use a scheduling tool called CinchShare.

Here are just a couple of the things I can do on CinchShare:

  • I can schedule posts to all of my social media platforms.
  • I can save posts and reuse them, or even share again on a different platform. In fact, when you’re online and you find something really cool, you can immediately store it in CinchShare to use later!
  • I can setup and schedule Facebook Parties!
  • And there is so much more!

Because of CinchShare, I am going to cancel all my other social media posting tools. Before I found CinchShare, I needed 3 different tools to do everything I needed. Why pay for all of them when CinchShare does it all for only $100/year or $10/month!?!

And, I have a special deal for you… when you signup using my link, use code: CSFree to receive an additional 30 days added to your 14-day trial, for a total of 44 days free!

Note:  If you have an upline in Avon, please check with them to ask if they have a CinchShare link before using mine.  They can offer you the same deal.

I am able to meet most all of my scheduling needs with CinchShare

Repurpose your content

Repurposing your content across the different platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter – will save you a ton of time.  And it’s a way for you to reach different audiences on different platform without having to recreate everything.

If you are using Avon Social, be sure to save to your content any time you post something you want to use again.  In CinchShare, you can just go back through your history and find posts that you want to repurpose.

Just pull them up and edit them for your new post.  The options are endless.’

You can (and should) repurpose all your content because it’s YOURs and your followers and audience aren’t all on the same platforms.  Triple, even quadruple, your visibility by repurposing your content consistently!

Engage, engage, engage… and engage again!

Now that you’ve got everything setup and scheduled, you’ll have time to engage with your followers.  Be sure to do so consistently!

Make the time to be SOCIAL on social media and work to get to know your followers, group members, customers and party guests by engaging with them.

That’s where the magic happens, and you’ll build those relationships authentically and naturally because you can focus on that… not on what you have to post today.

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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