Tips To Help You Be More Successful When You Invite Guests To Ou

Tips To Help You Be More Successful When You Invite Guests To Our Team Sqweee Parties

Tips To Help You Be More Successful When You Invite Guests To Our Team Sqweee Parties

Last week, I showed you an Exciting New Online Party Platform To Help You Rock Your Avon Online Sales!

We’ve been having great success with this.  If you missed the above post, you may want to go back and read it.

Our team parties have done great so far.  So today I want to give you some tips to make the most of our team parties so you can dramatically increase your Avon Online Store Orders through the upcoming holiday season!

Carla Wethers Bell has been totally rocking the parties with her guests, so Carla and I did a Facebook Live about what she was doing.

You can see that here:

I bet you heard some great tips from Carla in the video.

When we do a team party, and you invite your guests, I am running the party, but you are the host to your specific guests.  So, in the context of our team parties, you are considered the host.

If you are throwing the party for yourself and you have someone hosting that party for you, then that person is the host.

Let’s look at some host tips for you as you join in with our party:

Be Excited

The role of you as the Representative hosting your guests in our parties is to be excited and to partner with me as I’m doing the party for you.

Make a guest list and text, call or private message an invite to each guest separately.  Make it personal to them, why you thought of them and what they will get out of the party (i.e. see new products, special deals, etc.).

Don’t send the link until they commit to attending.

Go back and follow-up with anyone who didn’t respond to your invitation.  People are busy, and sometimes they  just forget.

Be sure to promote the party theme, as well as “what’s in it for them” to increase RSVP’s – also remember they must RSVP at the party link in order to qualify for prizes.

It’s important that you, as the Rep RSVP as well.  I need your information handy so that I can help you with your guests.

On average, only about 1/3 of your invited guests will attend. So, don’t feel like you’re inviting too many and always ask them to bring a friend!

With our team party format, it’s also totally okay if you only have 2-3 guests in attendance.  The party will be large enough that those couple of guests won’t feel like they’re all alone in the party.

Make sure guests arrive on time.  The Sqweee party platform is setup that everyone goes through each post together.  Late comers will miss out on information.  And we will be having an On Time Drawing.

Be Active

Treat the virtual party just as though you were bringing your guests to my home.  You will want to engage with them and make them feel welcome and taken care of.

Your job is to be engaging with your guests, and with the party in general.  Chat with your friends and comment on their posts.

If you have something to add to the party, be sure to share in a comment.  For example, If I were to ask how Avon has benefitted your life, and you have a positive story to share, please do share.

Be positive always!  No negativity will be allowed, and negative posts will be deleted.

You will share your Online Store Link with your guests in a PRIVATE MESSAGE – Never in the group message.  Any links will be immediately deleted.  Remember, there are people in the party who are guests of other Representatives.

Above all, the secret ingredient to your party success is YOU!

Follow Up

As soon as the party is over, I will email you the list of the items your guest added to their favorites throughout the party.  Be sure to follow up with them right away to see if they have any questions or need help with their order.

Also, be sure to check in with guests that you thought were interested but didn’t place an order.

Notes about our Team Specific Parties

If you are reading this post, there is a possibility that you might not be on my Avon team.  So, I thought I should spell out expectations about what I will provide and not.

In my team parties, prizes are reserved for guests.

As an Avon Representative, you have already won the grand prize in that I am doing this party to help you grow your business and that I am sending prizes to your guests.

Whether you are on my team or not, for now anyway, I will send prizes to the guests who win prizes in the party.

In my team parties, I offer a Spin the Wheel with additional hostess rewards for people who book a party.

If you are an Avon Representative on my team:

I will help you with the party for any guests who want to book the party.

You will be responsible for the Hostess Rewards (the percentages they receive for the total sales they have at the party).

As far as the additional Spin the Wheel rewards they earn for booking the party, I will work that out with you and help you if needed.

We will have a requirement of a Qualified Party of $300+ for them to receive that additional Spin the Wheel Prize.

Of course you are welcome to get your party platform if you choose, and if you plan to continue to hold parties you will want to.  You can join here at this linkYou will receive a 30 day trial for free.  Then if you enter code QIRFTE5 under Who Referred You in your profile, you will receive $5 off your first paid month.

If you are an Avon Representative not on my team:

You will need to purchase the Sqweee Platform so that you can throw the party.

You can join here at this linkYou will receive a 30 day trial for free.  Then if you enter code QIRFTE5 under Who Referred You in your profile, you will receive $5 off your first paid month.

I will be happy to share my Timeline code which will give you the exact party we were having at the time someone booked the party.  You can then edit as needed for your party.

Of course, you will be responsible for any prizes or incentives you decide to give away.

These online parties have the ability to totally Rock your Holiday Online Sales provided you take advantage of them and follow the tips above.

I am committed to help you both with sales and recruiting in these parties.

Let’s work together to make sure that this year is your best yet with Avon!

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Let’s have some conversation!

EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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