Tips To Help You Grow Your Team On Facebook

Tips To Help You Grow Your Team On Facebook

Tips To Help You Grow Your Team On Facebook

We all know that we need more team members to really grow our business and be successful with Avon.

You know that other Avon Representatives are recruiting and building their business online.  But how do you get there?

Here are some tips to help you grow your team on Facebook:

Show the Real You.

This is FACEbook, after all!  People want to see your face.  Please don’t put up a profile pic of your dog or your baby or even the Avon Logo.  If you want to use a logo in your cover photo that’s okay, but not instead of your profile pic.

Yes, you are an Avon Representative, but what’s more important in that sentence is the YOU.  People want to get to know who you are and what you believe in.

People want to connect with you.  Putting yourself out there with your hair messed up and imperfect videos help them to get to know the real you.

Of course, you want to be presentable, but know that you don’t have to overdo it by trying to be perfect all the time.

In fact, I create a video each campaign with What’s Hot this campaign.  I create the video and go with it without even looking back.  If I were to watch it again, I’m sure I’d find all kinds of problems I’d want to fix.  But the truth is, if I was live with someone showing them What’s Hot while were having coffee, I wouldn’t get the chance to edit it, so I don’t edit my video either.

Leave the Drama Off of Facebook.  We can’t all be happy all the time, but don’t bring your drama to Facebook – either on your personal page or your business page.

It’s okay to let people know you’re having a bad day or don’t feel well today – that’s what makes us real.  But be very careful how you post those things and keep them to a minimum.

You want to be known on Facebook as a positive person, and not a whiney or negative one.

Give Them a Place to Gather.

Facebook Groups are where it’s at on Facebook.  And the changes that Facebook has made have made things a lot better.

Create a VIP Group to go along with your Avon Business Page.  It will provide that exclusivity and privacy, so members feel that they’re in a special place and don’t have to worry about what their friends are seeing.

Funnel people to your VIP group from your timeline or business page with a Call to Action, saying something like, “Come join me for more great tips and fun in my FREE Facebook group).  You’ll peak their interest.  And more importantly, if you don’t ASK, they won’t COME. ?

Facebook Groups are an excellent place to grow authentic relationships.  As people get to know you and love who you are as a person and can see the value you provide and the passion you have to help others, they will join your team.

Engage With People on Facebook

Along with posting consistently and becoming a resource for people on Facebook using the 80/20 rule, it’s important to get your voice out there.

Don’t just like posts and comments, engage with them.   People will start to respond when you actually engage.

Schedule your content, and when someone comments on your post, jump in there and chat them up.

Ask them questions back!

Engage with them on THEIR posts.

Do Facebook Lives and post videos that show you using your products.

When having a Facebook Party, engage with your guests.  Make them feel special.  The most important aspect of your Facebook Party is YOU when it comes to recruiting.

The guests are watching YOU, and you want them to see how much fun and how EASY it is to do what you’re doing!

Talk About Your Achievements on Facebook

Be sure to welcome every new team member on Facebook and say what City & State they are from.  People see you welcoming new person after new person, and it doesn’t take them long to be thinking they need to join your team too.  They see you Movin’ and Groovin,’ and want to be a part of that excitement.

If you’ve won an incentive or are getting ready for RepFest, post about that and make sure you let everyone know that they too can have all these awesome perks – you can help them join you!

Do the same things in your Team Facebook Groups. 

Post positive things in your group.  Work to motivate your team members and keep them optimistic, well trained and productive.

Your team members will also have friends that want to join them – which of course means that they are joining you too!

Trickle down the positivity – that’s really what it’s all about with your team!

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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