To Be Successful In Your Avon Business, You Need to Expand Beyon

To Be Successful In Your Avon Business, You Need to Expand Beyond Your Sphere Of Influence

To Be Successful In Your Avon Business, You Need to Expand Beyond Your Sphere Of Influence

When you first start selling Avon, we ask you to make a list of everyone you know.

Ideally, you’ll come up with a list of 200 people.

Now, we know they’re not all going to buy Avon from you, but we want you to get that list down on paper and out of your mind. This frees you up to come up with more names.

Your list is what will get you started, and the more you work that list the better start your Avon business will have.

You need to contact everyone on your list and at least let them know you are now selling Avon and ask if they would like to see a brochure.

If not, that’s totally okay. You did your part by asking them. And if they are open to it, be sure to get them a brochure and then be sure to follow up with them to see if you can order anything for them.

In the beginning, some of your friends and family will buy from you just to help you get started. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they will continue to buy from you. Maybe they aren’t really into Avon, or maybe they’re getting it from someone else whom they have a relationship with.

Of course you’ll also have friends and family who LOVE Avon and are excited to buy from you.

But to really build a big business, you’ll need to expand outside of our sphere of influence.

That means you’ll need to find ways to meet new people who might be interested in Avon. You have to make your presence known.

You can do this through advertising and word-of-mouth, but you’re going to need to get out of the house and let people know you are in business.

It’s easy to weave Avon into your everyday activities to connect with people, move your business forward, and put money in your pocket.

Go out, have coffee, and talk to others about Avon. Walk into businesses and ask if they have an Avon Representative who services their office. If not, offer to leave brochures for them.

If you have children in school, offer your services to the PTA or other groups that your child may be involved. Avon Fundraising is perfect for this. Be sure to give brochures to your children’s teachers.

Wear Avon makeup, accessories, and fragrance every day and turn compliments into sales. Meet up for coffee with friends and bring the newest lipsticks and fragrances.

Ask your friends to share your brochures with their friends.

Always carry brochures and samples and share them everywhere you go. Make sure your brochure has your name, phone number, and eStore address.

Post on Social Media regularly: your favorite new products, a selfie with the new makeup look, Avon’s newest special offer, etc. You’ll find lots of ready to share content in the Social Media Center on

And then, most important, every time you get a new customer, be sure to add them to your brochure distribution list and follow up list.

Your brochure is your store, and your store needs to be open by making sure every customer receives a brochure every campaign.

And then, just as important, make sure every customer receives a follow-up call/text before you place your orders.

It doesn’t have to be high pressure. Just a simple, “Hi this is Lynn. I’m getting ready to place my order and wanted to make sure I didn’t miss you. Was there anything I can order for you at this time?

You’d be surprised at how many people will respond, “Yes, I marked the pages and forgot to call you. Just a second, let me get my book.

If you didn’t make that call, eventually they would have just thrown the brochure away.

Don’t lose that sell.

Please, make sure everyone gets a brochure and a follow-up call – that’s just good Customer Service!

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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