Top Avon Representatives Take Good Care Of Their Online Customer

Top Avon Representatives Take Good Care Of Their Online Customers

Top Avon Representatives Take Good Care Of Their Online Customers

Avon is now making it easier than ever for us to totally Sell Avon Online.

This helps eliminate the need for you to purchase and distribute brochures, make deliveries, and all of the other busy work from Avon past.

The one big advantage for your customer to place their order on your Avon Online store instead of shopping at Amazon, is they have YOU, their representative there to help and support them.

Of course, you’ll still have your Direct Delivery Customers, and you’ll want to continue to serve and take care of them.

Let’s look at some ways to support your online customers and really help them feel loved and valued.

Get a Brochure to EVERY Customer

If you’ve been using our Drawing Slips, you should have some idea of how your customers want to receive their brochures.

If you’re not sure, it might be a good idea to put out a survey, or otherwise ask your customer what they prefer.

If they want their brochure in the mail –

Some customers actually prefer to browse the physical brochure.  Add them to Campaign Mailer to make it easy to get them out every campaign.

This service is a very inexpensive and easy way to make sure all your Brochure customers receive their brochure.  Of course, you can’t continue to mail brochures if they are not ordering, so here’s a process to help you manage that.

If they want their brochure digitally –

For those who want it by text, be sure to create a text list and text them the brochure every campaign.

For those who want it by email, create an email list and email them the brochure every campaign.

If you don’t have an email list, it’s totally okay to create a group in your Avon Contacts for this.  Add those who want to receive the emails to that group, and then send a group email from your web office.

Remember, it’s getting that brochure in front of them, either physically or digitally, that will get them to your online store to place an order.  Make this a priority every campaign.

It’s really easy.  Just send a Welcome to Campaign XX Message each campaign!

Provide Customer Support for Your Customers As Needed

Remember, YOU are the advantage your customers have for shopping your store.  YOU are the one thing Amazon doesn’t offer their online customers.  Make it as easy as possible for them to do business with you.

When your customer receives their products, they already have the number to call Avon directly on their invoice. They also have the return instructions on their packing slip if they need to make a return.  So, these things they can do for themselves, and many of them do.

My customers know that I am here to support them Before, During & After their sale.  So, when it comes to taking care of problems, if they call me, I’ll help them out.

Your Customer Wants to Order Something from a Prior Campaign –

This is easy, and you can show your customer how to do it.  You’ll find instructions here.

Your Customer Wants to Know Where Their Order Is –

At the bottom of every online store is a link to Track My Orders.  Click on that link,

Track My Orders

Then just enter your customer’s Order Number (starts with AVR…) and their email address and click on Track My Order.

Track My Order

Then the website will give you the tracking information for your customer’s order.

You can do this for your customer, and you do not want to be logged in to do so.

Returns and Problems with their Order –

Sure, your customer can call Avon themselves to take care of any problems with their order, and many do.

But if your customer calls you about the problem, I suggest you take care of it for them.  I always do, and I suggest you do as well.

Talk to your customer and make sure you understand the problem and what is needed to fix it.  If you can take care of them, do so.

Otherwise, call Avon’s Online Order Customer Service line at 800-500-2866.  This is a special Customer Service line for your customers, or for you to help your customers.  I have found them to be very helpful!

When you get a Customer Service Rep on the phone, tell them you are a Representative and are calling on behalf of your customer.  You will need your customer’s Order Number (starts with AVR…) and their email address, as well as your name, to confirm that Customer Service should talk to you.

Avon’s Online Store Customer Service is great!  They will do their best to take care of your customer.

Typically, Avon will immediately reship the correct product at no charge, and often your customer won’t have to send the wrong product back to Avon.

If Avon does want the item back, I ask the Customer Service Rep to send a prepaid shipping label to my customer, so they don’t have to pay for the shipping due to Avon’s error.  They typically don’t automatically offer this, so be sure to ask.

Sometimes, Avon will agree to just let the customer keep it so as not to inconvenience the customer, so if needed, be sure to ask for that as well.

Many times, Avon will just issue your customer a refund if they have a lipstick or skin care product that they didn’t like.  This is easily handled over the phone too.

If you feel more comfortable, you can always 3-way call Avon with your customer on the line.  This will help make your customer feel appreciated and that you’re going out of your way to help her.

If you Need to Print a Return Label –

At the bottom of your Online Store, click on Shipping & Returns.

shipping and returns

Scroll Down to Returns and find the link for Print your Prepaid Return Label.

Easy Return with Prepaid Label

Most online stores require the customer to pay for the return shipping, so your customers should understand that this is normal.

If the return is not the customers fault and is due to an Avon error, see above where we talk about calling Avon Customer Service directly so you can ask for a pre-paid shipping label.

Online Customer issues don’t happen that often.  But when they do, offering that little extra effort to provide customer service yourself can go a long way towards helping your customer feel satisfied with their Avon purchase.

Happy customers tell other people too, who could then become more happy customers for you!

Just that little extra effort can really help you grow a thriving Avon Online Business! 🙂

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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